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Category: OPINION

  • Leveraging Tradition: These Are The Best Lever Action Rifles

    The resurgence of lever-action rifles, blending nostalgia with innovation, marks a fascinating evolution in firearms. Notably, manufacturers like Marlin, Henry, Winchester, and newcomers such as Aero Precision and Bond Arms are steering this revival...Read More...

    created: 3/29/2024 6:37 PM
  • What Is The Best Shotgun For Home Defense?

    The clock strikes midnight; the world outside is silent, enveloped in darkness. Suddenly, the silence is shattered by the sound of a window being broken followed by the footsteps of an intruder...Read More...


    created: 3/19/2024 2:24 PM
  • Prepping 101:  How to Become a Prepper




    The standard definition of a prepper is someone who has a distinct interest in preparing for and surviving emergencies. From our perspective, though, prepping is much more than that  ...Read More...

    created: 2/27/2024 12:21 PM
  • The Musky Hunter

    John and I had the chance to go out on Lake Chautauqua for a day of musky hunting with our new friend and guide Todd Young from Muddy Creek Fishing Guides (Be sure to check him out here at:   We put in at 0800 EST at the Long Point State Park boat launch with a few other boaters and settled in with our trolling gear for the day.

    Todd fishes out of the Grey 185 Ranger on the right outfitted with all the electronics you would expect in a boat designed to fish all day. Vance is another guide from Muddy Creek Fishing whose boat is on the left.  Todd prefers to have at least 6 lines from his St Croix rods in the water behind him at all times so as to increase the amount of time his lures spend in front of his prey...(Read More)...

    created: 8/12/2020 2:49 PM
  • Pomona Police Dept. Bust Goes Viral

    Every once in a while, something amazing happens on the internet.

    The Police in Pomona CA post things on Facebook, an average post on their page seems to gather around 100 or so likes.

    Recently, they got A LOT more attention, when posting about some firearms they seized during a "traffic stop."  It's safe to say pro 2A folks like you and I were NOT happy...

    If you'd like to give your two cents, we suggest you head here:

    created: 11/26/2019 9:47 PM
  • The Beretta M9A3:  The M9 Revisted

    The first pistol I ever pulled the trigger on - courtesy of Uncle Sam - was the now-venerable Beretta M9 - a full-size, double-stack 9mm combat handgun that the US military adopted in the 1980s to replace their aging stockpile of M1911 pistols...Read More...

    created: 10/31/2019 6:18 PM
  • GUN CONTROL:  Ideology or Reality?


    Ideology or Reality

    If you had the opportunity to make a vast majority of public mass shootings go away tomorrow, would you do it?  I am sure you would agree that is a pretty bold statement to make.  Fact of the matter is, it is totally possible.

    First, what is the definition of a public mass shooting?  According to the FBI, it is a crime committed by a person with a firearm where 3 or more people are killed in the same time frame and location.  That number was reduced from 4 to 3 in 2013.  Another definition to establish is, what is a gun free zone?  Gun free zones are places, public or private, where ordinary citizens cannot carry a firearm...Read More...

    created: 7/16/2019 7:56 PM

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    created: 2/6/2019 5:20 PM

  • Everything You Need, Nothing that You Don’t.

    It’s unclear who first used the phrase “Everything you need, nothing that you don’t” to justify the features on his handgun. I like to think it was someone attempting to explain an expensive gun purchase to his/her spouse. Regardless, it may be one of the most frequently repeated marketing phrases used in the firearms industry, and has been applied to firearms as humble as Hi-Points and as lavish as $4K Wilson Combat 1911s...Read More...

    created: 10/1/2018 5:38 PM

  • Murk: It’s no secret that a large government consisting of multiple jurisdictions and legislative bodies leaves a trail of bullshit/red tape in its wake.  Ironically this is taking place in country which prides itself in possessing an abundance of freedom within its borders. A dichotomy of interests between two adversaries the state, and the citizen. This is their story...Read More Here

    created: 9/17/2018 6:06 PM
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