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  • Nelson Holsters Dakota Defender - Review

    Hand made is a term used to describe a lot of things, and in my experience some of them are worthless. Others however, are special. Ferrari does not make the fastest cars, but from the moment you get in one, it’s different...Read More...

    created: 7/27/2021 10:45 AM
  • Olight Baldr RL Mini: First Impressions

    Coming off the highly successful PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie, Olight brings us the Baldr RL Mini.  Similar in function and form to it's predecessor, the Baldr RL Mini adds a red laser option as well at a lower pricepoint of $109.95...Read More...
    created: 5/17/2021 3:12 PM
  • IWB Holster Comparison

    There are a few things in life that make me shake my head when people use anything but the best.  Brakes, tires, and holsters are at the top of that list. It drives me nuts to see people running around on recaps, and buying cheap brakes leaves me scratching my head as to why one would be so cavalier with their life on a daily basis. The third one usually merits an eye roll and a sigh however. Carrying a gun is not a thoughtless task, it's a massive responsibility...Read More...

    created: 4/6/2021 11:09 AM
  • Olight Baton 3 + Wireless Charger

    If you like Olight's S1R Baton II, you will most certainly like the Olight Baton 3.


    created: 3/18/2021 12:22 PM
  • created: 1/22/2021 1:52 PM
  • Review: OTS Automatic Casing Catcher

    Brass cleanup is something not often thought about in today’s shooting world. When was the last time  you thought about your spent casings? Unless you’re a reloader, my guess is not recently. You send your  rounds down range, do your best to police up your spent brass or steel, and go on your way. I personally  haven’t thought much of it since the first time I picked up a spent case recently flung from an HK91 and wondering how exactly a rifle could make modern art so easily...read more...

    created: 12/10/2020 2:38 PM
  • created: 11/11/2020 1:04 PM
  • created: 10/22/2020 6:28 PM
  • Kalashnikov USA KP-9 - Review

    We had a chance to spend some quality time at our range with Kalashnikov USA’s new KP-9 fitted with an SB Tactical side folding brace and a 50 round drum magazine.  

    Our Pistol came with an SB TACTICAL folding brace.  We installed the brace provided with the gun which gave us another way to stabilize the gun and still allow for a compact package for travelling and concealment in a backpack sized bag. It is a low-profile, left side-folding, strut design compatible with all platforms utilizing an M1913 interface at the rear of the receiver. The FS1913™ is a complete assembly offering pull-through opening and a solid lock-up when extended.  ...Read More...

    created: 9/23/2020 4:18 PM
  • Olight Baldr Mini:  First Impressions

    Coming off the highly successful PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie, Olight brings us the Baldr Mini.  Similar in function and form to it's predecessor, the Baldr Mini adds a green laser option as well.
    Like other Olight tactical lights, the Baldr Mini offers an adjustable rail attachment that is compatible with Glock rails and 1913 rails.
    Light output is a 600 lumen, 130 meter throw.  Battery run time is approximately 40 mins, continuously.  It also has a red light that will come on, indicationg 10% battery life remaining.

    The new design brings the laser into the light housing, as opposed to older Olight tactical lights which had the laser sitting at the very bottom, taking you farther away from the barrel.  
    When zeroing with your weapon, it's very easy to bring the laser in line with your sights using the allen key provided in the package.  
    With the addition of the laser comes a selector switch underneath the activation switches.  It's an easy to use selector, from left to right: laser- laser/light-light.

    If you are searching for a weapon light, or laser, you may want to look into the Olight Baldr Mini and give it a shot...literally.

    Get one here!
    created: 8/18/2020 9:28 PM
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