• How to Build an AR-15 for Home Defense

    Choosing the right AR-15 for home defense requires careful consideration...Read More...


    created: 12/2/2023 1:13 PM
  • Win a CZ P10-F SR Optics Ready Pistol!

    We're giving away a CZ P10-F SR Optics Ready Pistol to people who follow our Twitter (X.com) account!  Click here to enter to win, or head to our Twitter account and be sure to follow us and retweet this tweet!

    created: 11/16/2023 5:52 PM
  • Who Makes The Best Gun Safe?

    In a world where your firearms represent both a significant investment and a crucial aspect of your safety, choosing the right gun safe is a decision that warrants careful consideration. 

    Whether your primary concern is keeping your firearms secure from unauthorized access by family members or safeguarding them against potential burglars, a gun safe is your answer...Read More...

    created: 10/25/2023 11:46 AM
  • The Armslist Halloween 2023 Springfield SA-35 Customer Appreciation Giveaway has arrived!

    Happy Friday the 13th!  The Armslist Halloween 2023 Customer Appreciation Giveaway has arrived.  While we were slated to launch the giveaway on October 12th, we decided to wait until Friday the 13th because the Springfield SA-35 is largely a Hi-Power clone, which was one of the first major handgun designs to feature a double stack magazine, holding 13 rounds!  (The SA-35 standard magazine holds 15)... Read More...

    created: 10/13/2023 3:17 PM

  • Congratulations to our August Giveaway Winner Robert P!

    Robert won the grand prize of an FNH FN15 Guardian with Holosun 403B courtesy of Legion Arms, and an AR550 Level III+ Quick Response Package with PolyShield Spall Protection courtesy of our friends at Caliber Armor!  Total value of the package is over $1500 MSRP!  Read More...

    created: 10/5/2023 3:28 PM
  • How To Buy Military Surplus Guns

    Finding the right military surplus firearms can be tricky without the right guidance. Our guide is here to help, making it easy for you to understand the quality, age, and condition of the firearm you're interested in.

    While new rifles are tempting to buy, they can be pricey. An excellent alternative? Military surplus rifles. These older guns have a rich history, having been used in real-world situations. They're reliable, work just as well as newer models, and are often more affordable.

    It's also worth noting that ARMSLIST is the go-to online firearms marketplace for finding and buying these unique firearms, ensuring you get a good deal...Read More...

    created: 10/3/2023 11:34 AM
  • Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Gun

    The firearm industry, like many others, has seen a digital evolution, shifting a significant portion of trade from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to online platforms...Read More...

    created: 9/26/2023 12:42 PM
  • RISE Armament Offering Limited-Edition Topographic-Pattern Watchman AR-15 Rifle

    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma – September 19th, 2023 — RISE Armament, a premier manufacturer and supplier of triggers, components, and firearms is pleased to announce that for a limited time only, and in limited quantities, it is offering the Topo WatchmanTM AR-15 rifle...Read More...

    created: 9/21/2023 12:11 PM
  • Olight PL Turbo Valkyrie - An Illuminating Marvel for Your Handgun

    If you're in the market for a weapon-mounted light that delivers in every aspect, look no further than the Olight PL Turbo Valkyrie. I recently acquired this flashlight for my P80 g17 handgun, and I must say, it has exceeded all my expectations...Read More...

    created: 9/19/2023 10:49 AM
  • The September 2023 Stribog Customer Appreciation Giveaway is Here!

    The September 2023 Grand Power Stribog Giveaway is here!  Our grand prize winner will receive a Grand Power Stribog SP9a3G Carbine courtesy of GunZoneDeals.comRead more...

    created: 9/7/2023 4:26 PM
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