Duh: Part 1 - Illegal Immigration
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Duh: Arguments for Basic Common Sense Policies 

Part 1 – Illegal Immigration

The “Duh” series of articles will aim to provide our readers with only the finest of arguments in favor of things we all kind of used to just accept as common sense in this country. Things such as: if you’re anatomically equipped to use a urinal, you should probably use the men’s room. Also, perhaps American taxpayer dollars should be prioritized to help Americans, rather than foreign nationals living in their own countries. We’ll even explore the now-bigoted idea that if your doctor tells you you’re 200 pounds overweight, he’s not fat-shaming you, and maybe even why sticking scissors in an electric socket is a bad idea.

Today however I’m going to give you a very simple argument in favor of deporting every single illegal alien, regardless of their circumstance. It may sound cold-hearted and harsh, but stick with me and I’ll explain why it not only isn’t, but why it’s just, fair, and the best thing for these people in the long run, and the people of the countries and world from which they originate.

The Left’s argument for amnesty is essentially no different than that of a little girl wanting to adopt every kitten in the animal shelter. It is, without exception, completely driven by emotion, and lacking any semblance of pragmatism, and though they will never admit it, also lacks any limits. It’s not as if people of the Left argue that we should grant citizenship to X-thousand or Y-million of people here illegally, and then that’s it, the rest are cut off. No, there is no limit set by them. If people can make it to our borders or shores by any means, they’re entitled to stay, indefinitely, and vote in our elections, and help themselves to American taxpayer dollars, and have bestowed upon them all the rights and perks of being an American.

It’s almost like an even sicker version of game in the Schwarzenegger film “The Running Man”. If you survive, you win. If a Mexican woman and her daughter can survive giving their life savings to a cartel-employed human trafficker and marched through the scorching desert, hoping not to get raped and murdered on their way to the US border, and then make it across, then the social justice warriors and progressive politicians of America will fight, bravely, for their “right” to stay in the US. If they die in the desert, penniless and raped, then our new American heroes of the Left won’t really pay them much mind. These immigrants are, after all, only pawns on a chessboard the Democrat Party plays to gain more votes, and thus of course more power and control, and both parties use to supply cheap labor to their corporate donors.

This of course could all have been avoided by simply doing away with the law the United States has, along with every other sane country on Planet Earth, prohibiting non-citizens from crossing our borders and ports of entry without proper and approved documentation. A common sense law that simply says “We are a sovereign country, we have a border, here it is, if you’re not a citizen of this country you’re welcome to visit for a time, but you can’t live here and enjoy citizenship in this country unless you go through the following process.. X,Y,Z.” In other words, we’re a nation, with citizens, and laws regarding immigration that must be followed, or else we’ll kick you out. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Without this apparently draconian law we have, that forbids just anyone from anywhere showing up on our doorstep and claiming American citizenship, the Mexican woman and her child could have just boarded a bus and driven through our border. She wouldn’t have had to risk her and her daughter’s lives by placing them in the hands of horrible people and trekking through the desert, not even knowing whether they would make it across, alive. So why don’t the Progressives fight and advocate for us removing this law from the books rather than just mere amnesty? Well, in all honesty they would remove it if they could, but they know that the majority of Americans would reject it outright, for being the extremist and destructive policy that it is. So instead, they lie.

These Leftists, at the end of the day, view themselves not as Americans, first and foremost, but as “Citizens of the World”, and part of their utopian paradise is that of a borderless world and country. Now, they would never fight for the right of white Europeans to move to and buy property in Nigeria – that would be colonialism – but that’s for another discussion. What’s important to note is that the Left knows that if we granted amnesty and citizenship to the 11+ million illegal aliens currently in the US, that this would A) encourage, not discourage, even more millions of people from around the world to smuggle themselves into the country, and B) that in ten years from now they can play the same game – the one where they cry, appeal to people’s emotions, and call the people who oppose them racist – and win, again and again and again. So truly, granting amnesty to illegals would make it as if our immigration laws never existed at all. This is their game. They can’t justify a borderless country to the American public, so they target the enforcement of the law, rather than the law itself, and then sit back and wait.

So, my dear reader, I pose to you this simple question: How can a law be just, but the enforcement of that law be unjust? The answer is that it can’t. To have a law but not enforce it is an absurdity, and anyone who claims a moral stance against the enforcement of a law – especially to the extent Progressives do regarding immigration – must then make the case for why the law itself is unjust. I’ll give you an example.

Being the libertarian I am, I would argue that the arrest and imprisonment of people for the offense of possessing and using marijuana is unjust, because the law prohibiting personal use of marijuana is unjust, and here’s why. It is unjust, and stupid, to criminalize people for inhaling the burnt fumes of a plant that naturally grows out of God’s green Earth, especially when the use of that plant is more benign than alcohol, which of course is legal. And, additionally, that even if it were a harmful substance, it is not within the purview of government to save people from their own bad life choices through the use of force.  

How absurd would it be for me to argue that we should retain the law prohibiting the personal use of marijuana, but that any police officer who dare enforce this law is the moral equivalent of a Nazi SS storm trooper, and any politician green lighting law enforcement’s enforcement of the very law they - the politicians – kept in place, is nothing less than Hitler himself? What kind of idiocy is this? So, the Left must first be honest with the American people and tell us that a borderless country is what they truly want, and then they must come up with a convincing argument for why we should open our borders to the entire world. And since they’re addicted to calling people racists, they must also make it a moral argument for why having borders at all is unjust, racist, immoral, and oppressive.

They certainly cannot make it a pragmatic argument. The basic laws of supply and demand, in this case regarding labor, will water down wages in this country so far to the point where there will cease to be a middle class. It will be a land of very rich, and first-world poor. Where, I ask, is the pragmatism in asking to compete for your next job with literally every person in the world? Ah, but “diversity is our strength!” – untrue, and the emptiest and most hollow platitude there is. 

I’ll make a moral argument however. Opening up the country to the entire world isn’t “inclusive,” it’s destructive and evil. The destruction of the middle class that an open borders society would create, is immoral, and proves that the Democrat party has ceased to be the protectors of working class people that they’ve always claimed to be. The import of thousands of people from China, India, Latin America, and elsewhere to compete for American jobs while Black Americans’ unemployment rate continues to be the highest in the nation, is disgustingly evil, especially considering the unique history and historical place Black Americans hold in American society. To open the border in this way is to betray the country and its people, period. 

But suppose your Progressive friend is unfazed by this. What do you say next? What I’ve found best is to simply demand moral and logical consistency and fairness. In other words, propose the following to them: “If I agree to support amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens in this country, what laws do I then get to break and completely ignore and get away with? If I say, refuse to pay my taxes because I just felt like I needed the money more than the government did for the last five years, will you fight for my right to be given legal amnesty for failing to pay taxes the same way you fought for illegal aliens?”

It is here that you will suddenly see the mask removed. You will see the wizard behind the curtain. Where once you found a bleeding-heart liberal, beating their chest and crying over the thought of “deportation forces” – i.e. men with badges and guns – entering dwellings and taking away poor immigrants in the middle of the night, now all of a sudden you will find a merciless enforcer of the law. You see? What happens to us, the forgotten American citizens, when we year after year just cease paying our taxes? Oh I dare say that men with badges and guns show up on our doorstep and take us away from our families and homes in handcuffs.

So ok, maybe since many of us have been loyal taxpayers our entire lives, and since many of our fathers and grandfathers have fought in every war since the Revolution, maybe we can get in on some of this sweet amnesty privilege. That would at least be consistent and fair. But somehow I think that neither the Democrats nor the Establishment Republicans will go for it, as their power and pet projects are entirely fueled by taxpayer dollars. But if amnesty is what they want, then we should not ask for it, but demand it, and fight for it with everything we have at our disposal, for that is what is fair and just.

Another argument to make would be the nuclear one. Ask, “If this country essentially has no borders – due to the logical consequences of amnesty for illegals – then where do the powers of the federal government geographically extend to?” In other words, where does the federal government’s power of taxation begin and end, if we in fact have no true border?  The answer for me would be “At my doorstep.” How can it be that Mexicans from Juarez can come and go into El Paso, Texas as they please, as if there was no border, but when it comes to the US Federal Government wanting its money come April, now all of a sudden there’s an imaginary line between Juarez and El Paso, and if you’re north of it, you better pay. No borders, no country. No country, no government. No government, no power to tax, among other things. 

Lastly, when it comes to talking to Leftist Progressive types, I’ve found it’s always best to aim for the heart, and drive the knife as deep as possible. You have to remind them what horrible people they are, but don’t have to be, from time to time. In all truthfulness, they do not care about these immigrants and people they say they care about. It is all an exercise in virtue signaling – showing their fellow Leftists in their church that they are pious. As the Puritans did during the Salem witch trials, the Progressive points the finger and screams at others as a way of showing they’re not a part of the devil’s army. They do this both out of fear of ostracism and excommunication from their group, and out of that primitive and dark part of the human psyche that still takes pleasure in watching others burn.

Anyone social justice-type who isn’t primarily, first and foremost above all other things, concerned with resolving the underlying issues driving immigrants and refugees away from their home countries, is a fake and fraud. You will never find Leftists marching and protesting in the streets in this country against the corruption of the Mexican government and other governments in Latin American for what they’ve done to the people of those lands. You will never hear them scream and cry and direct their rage and hate at the drug cartels, which are some of the cruelest and most vile murderers on the planet, right alongside ISIS. No, they save all their hate, their rage, their vitriol, their boring and unimaginative chants, and laughable pussy hats, for President Donald Trump and American conservatives and patriots in general. Why? Because they’re the most privileged and narcissistic human beings to ever walk the face of the Earth, and they’ve got Daddy issues.

Mexico is the thirteenth largest country by landmass in the world, a land of vast resources, and an epic paradise of vast beauty in many places, making it a popular tourist and vacation spot. Between 2010 and 2013 the richest man in the world was a Mexican citizen. Mexico, along with all of Latin America and its people, are places of unending and untapped opportunity and potential. So why do people flee from these places to come find a life in the USA? – Which the Left somehow simultaneously defines as a racist country built on the backs of slaves, and yet no one from around the world would be afraid to come here somehow.

Did a giant meteor impact Mexico, making it uninhabitable? Is Godzilla stomping through the cities and countryside wreaking terror everywhere he goes? Or has the USA stolen all the magic fairy dust that brings peace and prosperity upon nations from Mexico? I would guess none of these.

Mexico is the way it is because Mexicans choose to let it be so. The difference is only in the ideas that drive our society, government, and economy, and our willingness to implement them, and stand behind them. There’s no big secret to America’s success, most of it can be found in our Constitution, which is just a list of good ideas, able to be adopted by anyone, anywhere in the world.

America’s acceptance of the poor and disenfranchised of the world was once admirable, but has become a corrupt dictator’s dream come true. It now does nothing more than to act as a giant pressure release valve for the social and political changes, and perhaps revolutions, that will inevitably have to take place for certain flailing countries to prosper, and in that vein, it is time to send all of our illegal immigrants packing, for it is time for them, along with their fellow countrymen, to take back their countries and bring that little piece of America to them, instead of them coming to America.

I shall leave you all, and especially any immigrant here or wishing to come here who comes from an inhospitable place, with the following quote from one of America’s greatest founding fathers, Thomas Paine.

“(A man) who kept a tavern at Amboy, was standing at his door, with as pretty a child in his hand, about eight or nine years old, as I ever saw, and after speaking his mind as freely as he thought was prudent, finished with this unfatherly expression, "Well! Give me peace in my day." Not a man lives on the continent but fully believes that a separation must some time or other finally take place, and a generous parent should have said, "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace;" and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty.”

Make Mexico Great Again

created: 5/12/2017 3:25 PM in OPINION

motorhead54 commented on 4/20/2018 12:27 AM
Wake up America
TENNvol#32 commented on 1/29/2018 11:41 AM
With what all that is wrong with this country, no election is ever going to fix it. No Sir, it's going to take the shedding of blood,; Lots and lots of blood. I'm afraid things have gone on too long for a peaceful fix. Like a cancer that has spread, you must cut it out. We are no longer the UNITED STATES anymore, we are divided, and this was achieved by design. It's the oldest strategy in the book: Divide and conquer. Washington politicians have to go, spare NONE of them. If the drama of what they did to Roy Moore proved anything to us, it is that they will not allow a decent man to serve in the Synagogue of Satan {Washington DC}. No, he or she must be corruptible, homosexual, a pedophile, or some other type of scum in order to serve our Anti-Christ government system. Stop feeding the beast would be a good place to start {stop paying US Federal income taxes, which are illegal anyway}, but it is up to every man and woman to decide for themselves just how bad they want to be a free and moral people again. And one last thing: Enough of this constant war bullshit. Our Founding Fathers warned us about playing world policeman, and it would do us good to heed their advice {while we still can}.
XD- commented on 1/9/2018 2:13 AM
My views have changed as I have gotten older. I use to live on the southwest border of Texas for about 4 years. I have seen the way the immigrants take advantage of the laws and benefit from the system of medical care, food stamps, schools. They don't give anything back in return in the way of taxes to contribute to society. I was irritated by what I saw and it pissed me off actually. I've seen the border wall along the Rio Grande and waterways. There is no wall that will stop the "coyotes" from getting them across either over or under and by watercraft. In my option, it's the system that needs to change. You cut the reliance on the welfare state on these immigrate then you'll see the means justify the end for them not to cross.
AbsolutXero commented on 1/1/2018 2:38 AM
How bout you guys just stay in your lane.
rrainford commented on 10/10/2017 8:34 AM
My take on where America is right now..???? I will quote Clint Eastwood from Heartbreak Ridge......CLUSTER FUCK!!! Trump is a pawn which the powers that be pull the strings!! Our founders would vomit at the state of the U.S.A. Millionaire football players taking a knee!!!! WTF Rob you and most of my family fought for this?? I watch various news stations and it makes me sick!!! 911 was an inside job and our Government doesnt give 2 shits about the Working man!!! I do what I can for my family and try to be a good working man who loves the 2nd.I know this is off most of your points and comments but when I see MOTH#R$UCKERS not standing for what my family and others fought for!!! I am just sick over the state of our seriously divided country!!! Thanks for all who have and are serving!!! I will always stand for what is right!!! All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent!!!! I am here to chew bubble gum and kick ass and I am all out of bubble gum!!! GOD BLESS!!!
Haloless1 commented on 6/26/2017 2:03 PM
Really great points made here. I very much enjoyed your article, Rob. Your skills as a writer are very strong and your arguments are more than compelling. I didn't care for the part ridiculing those who protested against Trump, however. Your defense of him as a patriot is laughable in my own opinion. knoydart's comments were spot-on. Trump is great at selling himself to an audience. It's how he's made most of his money over the past decade. But he's never fought for the little guy. He's a billionaire who's made his fortune off employing illegal immigrants and paying sub-standard wages any time he's been able. He campaigned on fixing Wallstreet and reinstating Glass-Seagal then immediately named Goldman-Sachs bigwigs to his cabinet. He's like Reagan 2.0 . Great at telling people what they want to hear, but the reality is he doesn't really know what he's doing being president, and is going to let investment bankers run everything behind the scenes. It's bad for America, and completely destructive to the middle class. It made me really dissapointed to see Fox News and others harkening back to the Reagan administration as the "good ol' days" and touting the benefits of "Reaganomics" .. That administration and Merrill Lynch did more to destroy the working class in this country than any before or since. Also, Geoffry_K is an ass. As Rob stated, the effects of marijuana are more benign than alcohol. There are also thousands of vets currently using it to treat PTSD very effectively. To compare it to heroin, the use of which is as addictive as any substance on the planet-- the withdrawals from which can actually kill you, is nonsense. But honestly, as a libertarian I could give two shits as to whether you want to smoke peyote or stick needles in your arm. If you have the property required to do so in solitude or with your peyote-loving buddies and aren't harming anyone else or their property, smoke it up. The war on drugs is a joke, as were most of Reagan's policies. Crowding our jail cells with non-violent drug offenders and wasting my tax dollars to do it is idiocracy. It is far cheaper to rehabilitate a drug addict with counselling and medicine for an entire year than it is to house, clothe and feed someone in a prison for 15 years or more.. Not to mention the horrible reality that long-term prisoners are subject to when they finally get out, and find themselves unable to function in a normal society outside of prison walls.
Geoffry_K commented on 6/19/2017 1:52 AM
I reject your argument on marijuana. After all, heroin comes from a plant also, a very beautiful Poppy. But, just as heroin is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, so is marijuana. And peyote, also from a plant, also a Schedule 1 drug. So should the laws against using these drugs be repealed?
knoydart commented on 5/25/2017 3:55 PM
We wouldn't have such a problem with illegal immigration if Reagan had actually had a pair & kicked them all out in the 80s. Instead he gave them amnesty. Now illegals think if they hang on long enough they'll win. Unions also enforced the law, keeping illegal immigrants out of the workforce. But Reagan busted the unions & now those "Reagan Democrats" are paying the price, along with their kids, grandkids & so on. Think Trump is gonna be different? Hell no! His Executive Order pen smokes from signing orders that make him & his buddies even richer, but he ain't done a darned thing for us. He'll talk a good game, but like Bush he'll do nothing. Repeal of the NFA? Nope. SVT40S & Chinese Norincos off the import ban list? Nope-nope. Overturning mag limits? Yes...erm, hold on....oh that's right Nope! Kick out illegals, they're criminals & shouldn't profit from their crimes, but just remember that RepubliTraitors got you here in the first place & if that makes your head explode, well tough shit buddy.
Itsme1961 commented on 5/18/2017 2:21 PM
Wwwwwwaaaaayyyyyyy to wordy!! Lets do this: 1st parragraph state your argument! The rest of the novel support your 1st parragraph! That way us toilet readers have time to enjoy the brilliance of your mind with out all the pulizer b.s.! Yes kick them out! But i dont have any idea what your argument is because it's time for me to doo some paperwork!!
trippmane96 commented on 5/17/2017 3:24 AM
Did you know whites were the original illegal aliens in the Americas?
MyArmslistAccount commented on 5/15/2017 5:21 AM
Sorry, the 500,000 crimes per year in texas are the extra ones committed by illegal aliens allowed to stay in the US> Do we really need an extra 500,000 rapes, robberies, drug deals, murders, etc....by allowing illegals to stay? Maybe we should build that damn fence.
MyArmslistAccount commented on 5/15/2017 5:16 AM
Good article Rob and thanks for your service, I am old my last duty was Desert Shield/Storm as a CETCOM Intel guy. Maybe we should remind folks what happens in the rest of the world like if your a college kid hiking along the border with Iraq? And get to spend a few years detained as spies, as I recall. And maybe we should remind folks that there are over 500,000 crimes "per year" committed in the state of Texas alone. Just saw the Governor of Texas say that on TV when talking about their new anti-sanctuary city law. I am also a former police officer, park ranger, and attorney prosecutor in a SW state. I have personally fought these illegal guys outside bar and strip clubs and even found one resisting arrest in waist deep water when I was a ranger once. Simple the number of rapes, and drugs, and street violence they commit should compel every person liberal or not, but anyone with a brain to know that some type of fence, wall, or enforcement simply saves lives. If the little girl next door gets raped and it is by an illegal who was allowed to stay, who fault is it? Certainly not the little girl. And if it is your daughter and you did nothing to push for borders, then maybe it is your fault your daughter got raped. Ass lawyers, we like to say you are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution. The choice is our. Lover the choice of words, the "duh" articles. Keep up the good work.
jmon32 commented on 5/12/2017 11:21 PM
Thanks for your service, Rob. As a combat vet, you know what desperation does to people. Rules and laws are tossed. Total hell results. Yes, fighting is morally superior to fleeing. I will not flee this country when it crumbles under the weight of a government gone totally irresponsible. As to the illegals, I say draw a line. Give those who have been here working hard, paying into the system, producing and supporting children legal status. Send the parasites and criminals back to their little hells. Can't agree on wholesale deportation or classification. Also, I am sure you are only referring to "illegals." We need "immigrants" unless our American youth do some serious copulating and producing babies like they did before WWII. https://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs/ssb/v66n4/v66n4p37.html Thanks again. Great points were made.
Ben86 commented on 5/12/2017 6:27 PM
Agreed. Open boarders are not compassionate to either side.
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