• Armslist in the News:  Armslist's Statement to NBC on HR 8 and Everytown for Gun Safety's "Findings"

    Around 1200 EST, some of my colleagues and I received an e-mail from NBC's Pete Williams regarding the US House Judiciary Committee's hearing Wednesday (2/6/19) on HR 8 (a bill seeking to impose practically universal background checks on all gun purchases and transfers)...Read More...

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  • A live look from the Armslist crew at SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range 2019

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  • S&W Shield 380 EZ - Review

    The 380 EZ is a relatively new firearm.  It is larger than a lot of recently released .380s and the slide is much easier to manipulate.  Kel-Tec released the P3AT in 2003, which created the modern pocket .380 craze.  The round has increased in popularity drastically in the past 15 years with many manufacturers contributing to the resurgence of the round in self defense weapons, even if many consider it a back-up firearm...Read More...

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  • S&W 360PD - Review

    The very first time I held a Smith and Wesson 360pd in my hand, I knew that I wanted one.  That was a few years ago at an NRA convention if I recall correctly. The Scandium frame and the Titanium cylinder come together to create something very special.  The barrel, hammer, trigger, cylinder release, and a few internal parts are about the only iron you will find on this gun.

    It all adds up to a serious case of cognitive dissonance.  It is very hard to pick up an empty 360PD and think of it chambering .357 rounds.  I've held toy guns that are heavier...Read More...

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  • Torkmag recently sent us some of their magazines to test and review.

    I can report that the G17/G19x mag that they sent holds 20 rounds in the same physical dimensions as the
    factory Glock mag which holds 17. Thus far we have encountered zero malfunctions with this magazine,
    despite the significant increase in capacity. The only abnormality was that it did not hold open on the last
    round. However, this is extremely common and we blame our aggressive grip and thumb placement
    which has a tendency to make that more likely. Additionally both the G19x and the G45 that we used to
    test the TorkMag have ambidextrous slide releases, making it that much more likely that one of our
    phalanges bumped that slide release.

    See the video below:


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    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma – October 3rd, 2018 — RISE Armament, a premier manufacturer and supplier of AR firearms and components is pleased to introduce the all-new 300LE rifle. This firearm is set to be the headliner of RISE Armament’s new Law Enforcement (LE) Division — RISE LE.

    Motivated by the July 7, 2016, Dallas police ambush, RISE Armament set out to ensure that no police officer is ever outgunned by a criminal. RISE made it their mission to develop a supremely accurate, highly dependable rifle that’s affordable on a law enforcement budget. The 300LE is that rifle...Read More...

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  • Everything You Need, Nothing that You Don’t.

    It’s unclear who first used the phrase “Everything you need, nothing that you don’t” to justify the features on his handgun. I like to think it was someone attempting to explain an expensive gun purchase to his/her spouse. Regardless, it may be one of the most frequently repeated marketing phrases used in the firearms industry, and has been applied to firearms as humble as Hi-Points and as lavish as $4K Wilson Combat 1911s...Read More...

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