Welcome to the Armslist Polymer80 AR Build Kit with 80% Lower Receiver Giveaway!!!

Polymer80 AR Build Kit with 80% Lower Receiver Giveaway!!!

Giveaway Details

1st Prize:
Courtesy of CH Kadels

Polymer80 - AR Build Kit with 80% Lower Receiver

  • Don't waste time shopping around for all of those AR parts when we've got everything combined in a convenient kit so once this package arrives, you can buy, build and shoot all in the same day. This is the full AR rifle kit with the 80% lower receiver, so no FFL is required!
  • 80% Lower receiver and jig kit with bits included
  • Complete upper receiver with parts
  • 15" Keymod handguard, 30-rd magazine and Mag-Pul flip up sights

2nd Prize:
Courtesy of Hogue Inc

Laser Enhanced Grip - S&W J Frame Round Butt Rubber Monogrip

  • Want immediate gains in your confidence when handling your J-frame revolver? Follow the red dot! Hogue's new laser-enhanced grip for your classic Smith & Wesson will dramatically improve your accuracy and speed in any defensive or competitive scenario. Designed, engineered and hand-made in America, proudly wearing the Hogue name, your new LE Grip will make almost every kind of shooter - including you - better and faster. Period.

3rd Prize:
Courtesy of Devil Dog Concepts

Devil Dog Concepts Hard Charger Side-Charging Charge Handle for the AR-15/M-4/M-16 platforms

  • The HARD CHARGER mounts to a specific slot on the Picatinny Rail of your rifle and replaces the existing charging handle, turning your rifle into a Side Charger.
  • No machining. No rebuilding. No modifications.
  • Overmold collapsible buttstock
  • It is interchangeable from rifle to rifle, field strippable, compatible with practically all optics and mounts, and allows multiple ways to charge your rifle.

4th Prize:
Courtesy of GunPro Corporation

GunPro Gear Pile

GunPro T-Shirt (L or XL), Koozie, and Skull Cap

5th Prize:
Courtesy of Invictus Gear Company

Cree Mini AA Flashlight

Hands down, the best value for your money of any flashlight you can buy. (batteries not included)

6th Prize:
Courtesy of ARMSLIST

Official First Edition ARMSLIST Morale Patch

Official First Edition ARMSLIST Morale Patch

The contest runs from July 27th, 2016 to August 17, 2016.

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Additional Information

  • You must generate a new promotion link for this contest. Links created for past contests will not generate points in this contest.
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  • Usage of traffic bots, traffic generating website, or violating any website's rules may result in elimination from the contest.
  • Prize distribution and shipping will be subject to all applicable laws. Please review the Contest Terms for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I participate?
A: Visit the "How it Works" tab at the top of this page.

Q: Can I promote any page on ARMSLIST?
A: Yes, you can create a promotion link for any page on the site.

Q: Why do I not have any points yet?
A: Points will take at least 24 hours to be awarded.

Q: I think I should have more points than I do, what's up?
A: This is normal, there are many components to the traffic that is generated. You earn points when you attract active users of the site. This is determined with some complicated software and maths. The short answer is that having people merely click a contest link, probably won't get you any points. Be sure to share the links with people that you know will like the site, and stay for a while.

Q: Why did my points go down slightly?
A: In addition to the normal maths, you are also competing with the other users, sometimes when they jump ahead, you can fall behind.

Q: I think people are cheating, can you ban them?
A: We closely monitor the contests and ban people that violate the rules. Additionally, we have refined all the boring, behind the scenes scoring stuff, to keep everyone honest.

Q: Can past winners particpate?
A: Yes, have at it hoss.

Contest Points

* Results are periodically updated
* Scores are calculated based upon quality and quantity of traffic driven to ARMSLIST

Rank Promoter Points Earned
1 jayballs 2135
2 KY_Windage 1416
3 Saintnowhere 856
4 WhosItWhatsIt 207
5 GunGiveaways.Net 201
6 CubicleZombie 140
7 TheDonald 112
8 Goozzle 77
9 NC_Pitbull27 46
10 East_County_Guns 40
11 Jonny G 40
12 palmtech 40
13 devmar69 34
14 dblack 30
15 PKing 27
16 RepairBill 23
17 stuntman047 22
18 firefghtr940 18
19 Hkuspchris 16
20 Lastalot 16
21 ken.mcphail@gmail.com 15
22 crizzwald 14
23 Drakengod 14
24 Spec5 13
25 jdaley789 13
26 Mark7 12
27 Sayumm 12
28 gunbunnysoulja 11
29 VIP Firearms 11
30 2004sccobra 11
31 BIGnTall83 11
32 catalyst317 10
33 Harleyfrd00 9
34 sidlas 9
35 sws1 9
36 Wile E. Coyote 9
37 RNH524 8
38 kbruno 8
39 BillyJoeJr. 8
40 ers001 8
41 ReaperZulu 7
42 TheGageinator 6
43 Akira85 6
44 dipstick 6
45 papamad 6
46 stricktn2 6
47 TampaBay 6
48 BigsteveAz3%r 5
49 jxoin.pop 5
50 Octavius 5
51 chaywoo 5
52 Airmech6832 5
53 Armed Defense Firearms 5
54 Aumillergunshop 4
55 sixstringslaya 4
56 Boo14b2 4
57 rascalnd 4
58 Altitude Arms 4
59 Sean_Fitz 4
60 vandycj 4
61 RHRobert 4
62 308Gunsmith 4
63 Kilroy44 4
64 robbierob56 4
65 Ezra Pope 4
66 Ben Short 4
67 mperkins37 4
68 Larry black 4
69 EricT 3
70 pdm 3
71 mlotziii 3
72 Jmills 3
73 matt3310 3
74 TFarmer 3
75 Cunning Linguist 3
76 craigtone 3
77 cjgomer1 3
78 glansbury 3
79 mjelder2108 3
80 GunMan01 3
81 stev826 3
82 jkag 3
83 TDefense 3
84 mark 3
85 Nerfplz 3
86 Perry Arms LLC 3
87 Peterchin 2
88 banshee56 2
89 Gunsmither.Mike 2
90 littleandres 2
91 JonS 2
92 ken4civic 2
93 itsnotchocheeese 2
94 Gustavo_Castilla 2
95 luckyofthedraw 2
96 learjet60 2
97 cbrooks89 2
98 DragonboySX 2
99 insomniasx 2
100 CarlW15 2
101 thompsonal5 2
102 jaredinco 2
103 kings7 2
105 Max Adventure 2
106 PUN 2
107 Csander 2
108 moosegt35 2
109 eyeyiyi 2
110 Haw36 2
111 hashknife13 2
112 Demodan 2
113 1bad442 2
114 timmerk 2
115 Charleyfdv 2
116 whiterx 1
117 badgerjdf 1
118 Canutillo Gun Shop 1
119 MosinMadness 1
120 hisgirl59 1
121 Hkman 1
122 dallasdick 1
123 zentrafalgar 1
124 martin jonathan 1
126 Edward D'Angelo IV 1
127 watermanjl 1
128 Avaudioguy 1
129 jlzink 1
130 Jamesrussellusmc 1
131 papagreen75 1
132 v80rider 1
133 28up4u 1
134 eryank 1
135 pennman36 1
136 Preacher2 1
137 backhandou812 1
138 rdevans2000 1
139 jases003 1
140 3GunOhio 1
141 AnthonyDuer 1
142 Xmorgan 1
143 Stlarm88 1
144 brokencontinuum 1
145 bobcaplin51 1
146 Dwnsouthhunter 1
147 photoman0 1
148 VeeGer 1
149 Maverick05 1
150 Bakedmuffinman 1
151 Mcculleyjustin 1
152 Kylev87 1
153 swampfox44 1
154 edge244 1
155 pjohnsontsm 1
156 white22 1
157 LiterofCola 1
158 mikesmith8787 1
159 Griphon21 1
160 hinkson45 1
161 NWR1 1
162 gregorh1 1
163 Arasher1 1
164 Dutchman Firearms 1
165 Manonfire925 1
166 jblair1223 1
167 cowboyz7 1
168 Sable1066 1
169 jhouser 1
170 A.H.Outdoors 1
171 bluecollarprepper 1
172 msteinebach 1
173 coolcat 1
174 tperk100 1
175 mb0807005 1
176 tylerfirearms 1
177 baker4798 1
178 shootin'blanks 1
179 Robert Kahler 1
180 jamenm 1
181 dwisby 1
182 ltpayton88 1
183 jsplatz21 1
184 tmorris4 1

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