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With over 3.5 million visits to our site each month and 100 million ad impressions available, ARMSLIST is the premier website to advertise in the firearms industry.

Premier Advertising Opportunity

ARMSLIST users are actively engaged in buying firearms and shooting products. Your ads will have an opportunity to catch the attention of firearms enthusiasts actively involved in the buying process.

Our users are interested in our content; spending an average of 38 seconds per page and browsing 8.80 pages each time they visit.

The layout of ARMSLIST avoids advertisement overcrowding by limiting the number of ads displayed at one time.

Bottom Line: The traffic pattern and advertisement layout virtually guarantees your ads will be seen by interested firearms enthusiasts.

Quick Facts - August 2012

100 Million Ad Impressions
3.5 Million Visits
1.3 Million Unique Vistors

How to Order

You can place orders through our direct advertising partner at:

To place the order:

  1. Select the size you want to run
  2. Select length of time you want to run the campaign
  3. Select the total number of impressions or amount of money you want to spend on your campaign
  4. Upload your image

Once payment is processed and we approve the content of your advertisment, your ad will be shown in rotation throughout the day.

Additional questions can be sent to us through our contact page.

Advertising Restrictions

  • We do not allow lewd, pornographic, or distasteful ads to be displayed on the site
  • Minimum order is $400 but can be spread over several months

Advertising Options

There are three advertising positions available:

  • 728x90 - Leaderboard
  • 300x250 - Medium Rectangle
  • 160x600 - Wide Skyscraper

Email Sponsorship

Each month we send a newsletter to our subscribers informing them of the latest news and monthly giveaways. We also include a single vendor "special offer" at the top the newsletter.

This offer is a message of 250 characters or less and includes a direct link to the vendor's website.

Contact us for current rates and number of subscribers.