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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

FS: Rossi .38 Special model 351 Blue Steel 3 inch 5
FS: Smith & Wesson .40 MP40 Magazine Safety 16 Shot
FS: Smith & Wesson MP9 Shield 9mm Flat Thin Sub Com
FS: Rossi .38 Special Model 851 blue 4 inch Full Lu
FS: CZ82 Frame Assembly with Barrel 9x18 Makarov or
FS: Beretta 9mm PX4 Storm 18 Shot with 2 High Capac
FS: CZ75 Clone Tri Star T100 9mm 16 shot with 2 Mec
FS: Glock .40 S&W Model 23 Third Generation 14 Shot
FS: S&W .38 Special +P model 642-1 No Lock Airweigh
FS: Sig .22 LR Mosquito 4 inch Adjustable Sights Ra
FS: FN FNH USA 9mm model FNS9 Stainless Lever Safet
FS: Para Ordnance .45 ACP Expert Carry All Black De
FS: Sig 9mm P290 Extreme Sub Compact NIB 7 Shot 1 M
FS: Beretta 9mm model 92FS Italian 16 Shot 2 Magazi
FS: Masterpiece Arms .45 ACP MAC-10 type MPA10TCA 3