Seattle Rifles Classifieds

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

$ 525
Keltec su16c with folding stock and muzzle brake ...
FS: New Spike's AR-15 with Upgrades
FS: New Lord Arms AR-15 in FDE with Upgrades
FS: Brand New Ed's Tactical Billet AR-15 with Red-D
FS: Hi-Point 995 G-27116-1 Pawn Depot
FS: Remington 700 G-I-3138 Pawn Depot
FS/FT: YUGO Pap M85pv carbine
FT: CETME .308 battle rifle and Smith&Wesson m&p 9m
FS: Unique M72 Yugo RPK
FS: M1 Garand Real WW2 Used
FS: Keltec SU16c
WTB: WTB Marlin Camp 9 - Trade Ruger Mark II Mint
FS/FT: Barrett REC7 gen 1 6.8 REC 7
FT: Limited Edition S&W M&P Magpul AR-15 (not sport
FS: M1 Garands and carbines for sale cheap! Not M1
FS/FT: ak 47 milled