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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

$ 830
Hello, I have a yugo PAp 92 for sale. It has the S...
I have a saiga .223 that has not been converted. ...
FS: Pap 92
FS: saiga .223
FS: saiga 7.62x39
FS: Authentic IOTV Kevlar IIIA body armor w/ Cerami
FS: CFATBOY Liberty 64 gun Safe , better than new o
FS: M1 Garand!!! Not Ar15, M1a..CHEAPER!!!
FS: Pre 64 Winchester 94 30-30
FT: CETME and 200 rounds of .308
FT: .17 hmr Stainless bull/heavy barrel
FS/FT: Custom ar-15
FS: SIG SAUER 516 w/ 7in. barrel!!!
FS: SIG SAUER 716 Patrol FDE AR-10
FS/FT: Uzi 9mm with 300rds
FS: Looking for Savage 6A 6AB 6B Stevens Springfiel
FS/FT: Winchester 75 Target 22 LR made in 1939 with Sc