Charlotte Firearms Classifieds

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

$ 1,900
6",EC,44mag,no case,just a really nice gun,NO trad...

Monday, July 21, 2014

FS: Colt anaconda
FS/FT: Colt Kodiak
FS: NIB S&W 642 J Frame Revolver
WTB: M&P Shield 9mm with no manual safety
FS/FT: Glock 22 and 23
FS: Kimber Custom Classic 1911 .45 cal
WTB: Sterling 9mm
WTB: 25 or 32 cal pistol
FS: 150 rounds 7.62x25mm, norinco brand yellow box
FS: 500 rounds .380 spanish military great ammo,
FS: AMT .380 backup with 100 rounds ammo, stainless
FS: Taurus PT-22 stainless & marble pink grips ladi
FS: Springfield XD-40 Tactical OD with 2 Mags
FS/FT: Saiga .410
FS: AR-15 - Magpul, Daniel Defense, Eotech, and Mor