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Conservative Television: A Counter Culture Becomes Mainstream



     Television was once a reflection of life rather than a blue print for how people should live their lives. At some stage in the mid-twentieth century traditional American values were replaced with progressive values in order to invoke a cultural change. This includes many sitcoms and films which have not so covertly promoted values supported by leftist groups. Exemplifying this is Modern Family which has plotlines promoting same-sex marriage, and feminism. Americans are tired of seeing a weakening of the family in which patriarchs are portrayed to be of half the intelligence of their wives and daughters. This has been observed on the ABC sitcom American Housewife. In one episode, Katy Nixon’s character essentially parents her husband played by Dietrich Bader in which she assumes the role of the voice of reason when Bader makes poor impulsive financial decisions like buying a brand new car. Americans are tired of having the platform of the Democratic Party jammed down their throat every time they watch network television. Product placement can be used for promoting political ideologies too, it is simply harder to see. Fortunately, many viewers are opening their eyes to see this as propaganda campaign rather than innocent entertainment, and the ratings reflect that.

        According to The Los Angeles Times the network television industry has taken an 11% dive from just last year. Although it may not come as a surprise that is still a staggering piece of data. At this rate traditional networks will have essentially no viewers in slightly under a decade. Presumably the exec’s understand this is and are in a state fight or flight, so they are beginning to respond to the market. Some welcome changes to the status quo include the new Rosanne rival in which female lead Rosanne Barr is a supporter of Donald Trump, which apparently runs parallel to her in real life. Another example of this frame shift is Trump supporter Tim Allen’s wildly successful show Last Man Standing which was cancelled despite being ABC’s 2nd most popular prime time program. The cancelation however was not illogical from a leftist perspective as it conflicted with their views. It features a strong family structure with a conservative patriarch rather than a babbling beta-male void of a spine. Allen himself has shown anxiety surrounding being a conservative in Hollywood equating it to “’30’s Germany” stating that “you'll get beat up if you don't believe what everybody believes.” Luckily for us market incentives are like physics so if there is demand someone will provide a supply. According to, Allen is in talks with Fox to bring back the beloved series. Hopefully together they will put something truly special together.

      This a unique time in America. After a long night of leftist dominance in government, and society alike we, the silent majority, are finally seeing some light, and sanity in the world. Events like these are stark indicators that things are changing for the better. However, there is still much work that needs to be done to conquer the issues that all Americans are facing. We should never allow any person, or organization to force a conflicting belief system upon us. We are the are the silent majority, and this is our time.

Article by: Conner Daniel Schultz


created: 2/8/2018 6:56 PM in OPINION

glove commented on 2/15/2018 10:26 PM
Last Man Standing This show needs to come back.
jcjarmon commented on 2/14/2018 5:03 AM
For to long we have allowed Hollywood to tell us what is right, and just. If we don't take back our society from these animals, we will not see another generation. Our founding fathers, our grandfathers, and ourselves have fought for the freedom to live and prosper. We cannot allow them to take the rights we now enjoy. If they means we have to fight for them again, then so be it. But the fight will be short, we're the only ones with the desire to fight for what we believe in. The left simply enjoys what rights we allow them too. If they infringe on ours, we can infringe on theirs.
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