Armslist Premium Vendor Program Testimonials
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Don’t pay any of the obnoxious listing and seller fees that our competitors would make you pay on each sale. For a flat rate of just $30 a month, you can have up to 500 active listings at at time and make unlimited sales!

"Armslist has been great in helping drive business at our gun counter. We have numerous regulars who check our listings everyday and it has helped bring new customers to our store. Being a Master Dealer for Christensen Arms and seller of quality used guns, Armslist has been the perfect platform for letting people know what we have available."

- Mark McGuiness, Ohio Gold & Pawn


With over 200,000 unique visitors to the site daily, your inventory is guaranteed to be seen by motivated buyers both local and nationwide.

“ARMSLIST pretty much doubled our business revenue. It was the best $300 I ever spent. We went from selling 7-8 guns a week to 15-20 per week!” – Mike Craig, Personal Defense Options in Lenoir, TN


With the increased brand awareness the Premium Vendor Program creates, you’ll quickly find more foot traffic in your store. Charge for face-to-face transfers? One transfer makes the program pay for itself!

In a years time we have seen amazing growth with a great increase in foot traffic thanks to our advertising through Armslist.  Armslist is the only form of advertising we use, and we get calls everyday about our ads.

-Jason Sharpe, Triangle Gun Vault


As one of our cherished Armslist Premium Vendors, you’ll receive your own free unique web-page that showcases your inventory, name, location, website (if you have one), logo and phone number. This makes it easier for both new and existing customers to contact you and make a purchase!

"One of the greatest things that Armslist does for us is how user friendly the interface is. It is super easy to post and edit listings that we have created. When we have as many products are we do on Armslist, it is super convenient when a potential client emails us on a specific item that the email from Armslist is linked to the product that they have questions about. Armslist continues to help expand our business everyday. We are able to spread what we carry and what we can offer to all people all around the country. We are proud of being a premium Armslist member, It is one of the best things we have done as a company. The revenue and the traffic that has been produced by using your service has been shocking. Best value on advertising hands down." - Charles Davis, Battle Creek Armory


Your Armslist Premium Vendor Profile auto-populates your listings with your name, location, website, and phone number in each listing, while also eliminating the need to check for confirmation emails. No need to type in your information over and over as you list your inventory. Your listing goes live with your information as soon as you click activate!

"We have seen great success in selling firearms with Armslist! About half of our walk-in customers say they seen a firearm on our Armslist store! We also have great success in selling to out-of-state dealers!"

-Eagle Pawn & Jewelry Owners John Hilburn and Cory Loftis


Let your customers know your inventory is always available with your own free 6” Armslist Premium Vendor Sticker.

When your customer walks up to your front door they will immediately know that you are a Premium Vendor with Armslist.

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created: 2/6/2019 5:20 PM in OPINION

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