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Armslist Premium Vendor Program Testimonials
created: 2/6/2019 5:20 PM in OPINION


Don’t pay any of the obnoxious listing and seller fees that our competitors would make you pay on each sale. For a flat rate of just $30 a month, you can have up to 500 active listings at at time and make unlimited sales!

"Four years ago when we started out as a new company, it was hard to find an effective and affordable advertising platform that directly got our name out there to customers. We started advertising alot of our inventory on Armslist over three years ago. In that time we have used it to connect with thousands of local customers. Many of those customers visit our store and purchase guns on a regular basis. Its impossible to account for all the people who come in and comment 'I didnt know you where here, until I saw your Armslist posts.' Armslist has accounted for us making countless sales both in store and over the phone out of state. Armslist has definitely helped boost our sales over the years and will continue to do so for the years to come."

- Kristopher Maves, Select Weaponry


With over 200,000 unique visitors to the site daily, your inventory is guaranteed to be seen by motivated buyers both local and nationwide.

"Love the ease of navigating the website both for the buyer and the seller"
- Brandon Pawn & Gun


With the increased brand awareness the Premium Vendor Program creates, you’ll quickly find more foot traffic in your store. Charge for face-to-face transfers? One transfer makes the program pay for itself!

"Foundation Pawn is a locally owned and operated pawn shop in Loveland CO.  That said we see more traffic from using the Premium Vendor option offered than any other website advertising. By far best value for the buck.  Currently we have customers that hit our web page to find the Armslist link on a daily and sometimes hourly basis to find our newest products. Love this website and the business it brings in."

-Mike, Foundation Pawn


As one of our cherished Armslist Premium Vendors, you’ll receive your own free unique web-page that showcases your inventory, name, location, website (if you have one), logo and phone number. This makes it easier for both new and existing customers to contact you and make a purchase!

"We have been using Armslist for more than 5 years to increase sales and traffic.  It has been a wonderful tool to meet new customers, show inventory, and increase traffic to both our website and brick and mortar store. Armslist has been an instrumental part of growing our business over the last 5 years."

- Matthew Frenton, Axis Arms


Your Armslist Premium Vendor Profile auto-populates your listings with your name, location, website, and phone number in each listing, while also eliminating the need to check for confirmation emails. No need to type in your information over and over as you list your inventory. Your listing goes live with your information as soon as you click activate!

"Gun Commanders is a family owned and operated gun store located in the North Georgia Mountains.  Going into our 6th year we pride ourselves on hard to find guns as well as good customer service.  We have been a vendor on Armslist for almost the entire length of our existence. Armslist has helped us get our products out to the consumer nationwide.  Looking for that hard to find or rare gun? I suggest using Armslist to get it seen and SOLD."

-Gun Commanders


Let your customers know your inventory is always available with your own free 6” Armslist Premium Vendor Sticker.

When your customer walks up to your front door they will immediately know that you are a Premium Vendor with Armslist.

Click below to sign-up now!

created: 2/6/2019 5:20 PM in OPINION

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