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What is GunTab?
created: 5/31/2023 3:58 PM in NEWS


Armslist partnering with GunTab

Armslist has partnered with GunTab to empower buyers and sellers with safe, simple online payments. Now you can easily buy and sell across the United States, not just locally. Using GunTab on Armslist, buyers have access to more deals, and sellers have access to more buyers.

Armslist recommends using GunTab for all transactions that are not in person.

What is GunTab?

GunTab is basically “PayPal for guns”. Their reviews and testimonials explain the main benefits:

  • Easy online payments by credit card or bank account (for both licensed professionals and private individuals).
  • Full protection for buyers and sellers, guaranteed.
  • Step-by-step guidance for regulated transactions.

Although payment platforms like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle also offer easy payments online, they don’t allow anything gun-related. In fact, all payment platforms prohibit guns and ammo, seize gun-related payments, and ban gun-related users. That’s why GunTab launched in 2015 as the only gun-friendly payment option online. 

GunTab isn’t only unique because it supports guns and ammo. It’s also unique because it fully protects buyers from scams, and fully protects sellers from chargebacks. This double guarantee can’t be found anywhere else. It’s only possible because GunTab is escrow, and holds the payment until the buyer receives the merchandise.


Want to pay safely online? Look for the blue “Pay with GunTab” button in the Armslist listing, or create a free GunTab account and send a payment offer.


Want to boost your sales? Want to use GunTab to sell things on Armslist?  Armslist has a special option to enable “Pay with GunTab” buttons on your Armslist listings. These buttons make it easy for buyers to checkout. It’s easy to enable:

  1. First, create a free GunTab account.
  2. Then, get your GunTab Checkout HTML snippet. Sign in to your GunTab account. Go to the Checkout documentation. Scroll down to “HTML snippets” and find the Armslist snippet for “URL”. Copy that value to your clipboard.
  3. Next, enable your “Pay with GunTab” button in Armslist. On the “Create Listing” or “Edit Listing” page, near the bottom, there is a “GunTab URL” field. Paste your HTML snippet for “URL” into this field.

The buyer clicks on the "Pay with GunTab" button in your listing, enters your listing URL and shipping price.  The buyer then may be asked to enter some final details before being asked to select an FFL (if applicable) and pay.


Whether you’re buying or selling on Armslist, we recommend using GunTab to complete your transaction safely and easily.

created: 5/31/2023 3:58 PM in NEWS

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