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July Giveaway Winner - September Teaser
created: 8/31/2023 12:05 PM in NEWS

Announcing the July 2023 Giveaway Winner and a Preview of the September Giveaway!

We'd like to congratulate our July giveaway winner Chris S.!  Chris won a SIG M400 Tread AR, SIG Tango MSR 1-8x LPVO, Haley Strategic D3CR chest rig, custom Armslist PMAGs and more courtesy of our friends at Legion Arms.  On top of all that, Chris received 500 rounds of 55gr 5.56 NATO courtesy of Fort Scott Munitions

We'd also like to thank Armslist Premium Vendor Derby City Pawn who acted as the receiving FFL dealer to transfer the rifle to Chris!  

Also, we'll be announcing our September giveaway next Thursday!  That being said, here's a preview of what's to come from our friends at

created: 8/31/2023 12:05 PM in NEWS

@Bfmlegend2 commented on 9/12/2023 11:08 AM
So Gorgeous
Pennzoil98 commented on 9/7/2023 10:08 PM
PoppyWayne commented on 9/7/2023 8:17 AM
homegrown56 commented on 9/4/2023 7:36 PM
Very KWEL. !!!
Grinch2-2 commented on 9/3/2023 1:17 PM
JeromeB commented on 9/1/2023 8:52 AM
How to join the give away .?
Hreha100 commented on 9/1/2023 8:50 AM
Congrats, make sure to get trained!
Johnnie Pick commented on 8/31/2023 10:13 PM
Congratulations Chris, great prize!
Mdh23 commented on 8/31/2023 6:33 PM
That ar9 is pretty cool how do we enter the giveaway
nolanseal commented on 8/31/2023 5:45 PM
Very interesting
Chris_246 commented on 8/31/2023 1:42 PM
Appreciate it guys! I love it!!!
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