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Homemade Firearms Ban Passes PA House
created: 3/28/2024 2:06 PM in NEWS

Homemade Firearms Ban HB 777 Passes PA House

The legislation titled HB 777, aimed at banning homemade firearms, has successfully passed through the House with a vote count of 104-97. Three Republican representatives broke ranks with their party to support HB 777, which infringes on Constitutional and god-given rights. These representatives are Joe Hogan, K.C. Tomlinson, and Martina White. Notably, Hogan and Tomlinson had previously supported other gun control measures in 2023, earning them an "F" grade from the Gun Owners of America (GOA).  Feel free to contact them and let them know how you feel about their anti-constitutional stance by clicking on their images below:

Joe Hogan

K.C. Tomlinson

Martina White

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created: 3/28/2024 2:06 PM in NEWS

william Belknap commented on 4/19/2024 2:00 PM
Shameful , no citizen should vote for such a law
Jarhedd75 commented on 4/2/2024 8:17 PM
This as the message that I sent. I just hope that people we invest faith in understand what their actual job is: to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, from all enemies - foreign and domestic. I don't really ever get involved in these things, which maybe I should be - but these people are missing the bigger picture. If we do nothing to defend our freedoms, why do we have them in the first place? Its the only thing that separates us from living in a dictatorship. Dear Sir, (or Madame ) I will keep this short and succinct: By violating the Constitution of the United States of America, you have broken federal law and the faith of your constituents, as well as failed to uphold your oath of office. The 2nd Amendment is CLEARLY written, and not open for debate. Period. If your intention is to "save lives", then I suggest you put pressure on the individuals responsible for enforcing the laws hat are already on the books - including the punishmentsthat are outlined for violating said laws. I understand that is not a good look for you. But neither is turning your back on the Constitution. And let us be clear: the more "laws" you and your cohorts attempt to pass do NOTHING - I repeat - NOTHING to dissuade or deter actual REAL, violent, often repeat offending CRIMINALS from breaking the law or getting their hands on and using firearms. There is and always will be an inherent danger that is inseparable from liberty. So be it. I and millions like myself (who have also taken an oath to uphold the Constitution) will not stand idly by and allow those who illicit short term political gain to trample over the freedoms of every real American citizen. As a United States Marine, I risked my very existence to protect our American way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - afforded to us by the Constitution. As a Police Sergeant, I continue to uphold the Constitional rights of ALL citizens, as well as see up close and personally how the nonsense that the political left continue to try to force upon those law-abiding citizens does nothing to prevent the real criminals from continuing their careers of crime and predation on the weak. If you wish to join ranks with them, then I suggest you leave your party and do so. But understand that your name has been noted as an enemy of the American people and the citizens of Pennsylvania. We will not forget. We will not forgive. We will vote. And we will make sure your career in politics is over. If you are not for the Constitution, and the protections it EXPLICITLY enumerates; then you are only for yourself.
William T. Dohn commented on 4/2/2024 7:55 PM
They committed high treason. They earned their fate.
up4daz commented on 4/2/2024 5:28 PM
The problem is the brainwashed lemmings that vote for them.
dan reel commented on 4/1/2024 9:17 PM
The people the write and pass this crap are not the problem, they are politicians. We already know they are scum. It's those who will enforce this that are traitorous and threatening. Politicians are irrelevant without their badged death squads
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