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Halloween SA-35 Giveaway!!!
created: 10/13/2023 3:17 PM in NEWS

The Armslist Halloween 2023 Springfield SA-35 Customer Appreciation Giveaway has arrived!

Happy Friday the 13th!  The Armslist Halloween 2023 Customer Appreciation Giveaway has arrived.  While we were slated to launch the giveaway on October 12th, we decided to wait until Friday the 13th because the Springfield SA-35 is largely a Hi-Power clone, which was one of the first major handgun designs to feature a double stack magazine, holding 13 rounds!  (The SA-35 standard magazine holds 15).

So, in honor of Friday the 13th, and the Hi-Power's standard 13 round magazine, one lucky Armslist user is going to win a Springfield SA-35 (pictured above) courtesy of Armslist Premium Vendor Legion Arms!

Additionally, two lucky winners will receive their choice of 5 Magpul PMAGs or AC Unity AK Mags...and 10 more winners will receive an Armslist swag bag with their choice of hat or beanie!

As always, all Armslist Premium Personal subscribers are automatically eligible to win!  Not an Armslist Premium Personal subscriber?  Click here to join now!

To read more about giveaway eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions click here.

Thanks as always for your support, and good luck!

-The Armslist Team

created: 10/13/2023 3:17 PM in NEWS

Chrisabston commented on 12/14/2023 2:48 AM
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joseph roeder commented on 11/28/2023 4:29 AM
I've been wanting this firearm since the day it was released
Nova7172 commented on 11/27/2023 3:16 PM
Wow I’m in
SoCalKanuck commented on 11/12/2023 10:50 AM
Yes please count me in
vcastag commented on 11/9/2023 12:05 PM
Been wanting this for a while! Fingers Crossed!
GateKeeper56 commented on 11/6/2023 10:58 PM
Sign me up. Thank you.
iridium commented on 11/3/2023 9:45 PM
Sign me up please. Thanks.
eugeneden2010 commented on 10/31/2023 4:22 PM
Sign me up please! Would absolutely love to own this gem!
AES10BRPK! commented on 10/31/2023 2:30 PM
Sign me up please. Thanks.
Codykit412 commented on 10/30/2023 11:17 PM
I’m in
Jerkess commented on 10/30/2023 7:27 PM
Raccie commented on 10/30/2023 5:51 PM
I need to take the SA-35 to the range with stacks of 9mm ammo.
Searay210br commented on 10/30/2023 9:56 AM
JMB classic
Russ85228 commented on 10/30/2023 9:42 AM
Nice firearms. Would like to have one? Count me in too!
mike22172 commented on 10/29/2023 11:01 AM
great gun
Kcarsey614 commented on 10/29/2023 10:07 AM
Count me in thanks
Jake Henry commented on 10/28/2023 12:24 PM
The SA-35 is outstanding. I wish I could buy good luck. Lol
RAEF commented on 10/28/2023 9:18 AM
Let's go!
g7777777 commented on 10/27/2023 7:17 PM
COBlackFrog commented on 10/27/2023 5:32 PM
jreitzcars commented on 10/27/2023 8:48 AM
I have the original Hi Power sure would like to get my hands on the new one they added nice upgrades
klbsa commented on 10/27/2023 4:15 AM
Metal frame...... A REAL gun.
StaffordCtyGuns commented on 10/26/2023 11:51 AM
lOOKS good
sparky4887 commented on 10/25/2023 8:57 PM
Love this gun
sparky4887 commented on 10/25/2023 8:55 PM
Love this gun
MilsurpMarshall commented on 10/24/2023 11:50 AM
Im in!
Bkcntry163 commented on 10/23/2023 10:21 PM
Novac commented on 10/23/2023 4:11 PM
Im in!
hollywood57 commented on 10/23/2023 1:47 PM
hollywood57 commented on 10/23/2023 1:47 PM
USMCSarge commented on 10/22/2023 11:21 PM
I’m in…!
Rumleyhunter commented on 10/22/2023 8:03 PM
Would love to have one!
Lunchbox74 commented on 10/22/2023 12:52 PM
God Bless America
timhill100 commented on 10/22/2023 5:30 AM
ChadHahn commented on 10/20/2023 11:54 AM
Enter me!
Johnnie Pick commented on 10/19/2023 9:35 PM
Great Friday 13th giveaway!!
pkunk commented on 10/19/2023 7:39 PM
DEP654 commented on 10/19/2023 6:57 PM
Great pistol
COBlackFrog commented on 10/19/2023 4:34 PM
Sweet baby Jesus!
Adam Aanderud commented on 10/19/2023 4:23 PM
I’d love to have one, thanks armslist!
Natoun100 commented on 10/19/2023 4:22 PM
Man I'd love to win that springfield for my dad he deserves it after the hard couple years we have been having
Jeffrey Holt commented on 10/19/2023 4:20 PM
I'm in! aren't I?
Lordkelly74 commented on 10/19/2023 3:14 PM
Am I entered?
BROA commented on 10/19/2023 12:10 PM
How to enter?
mesaboogiemike commented on 10/19/2023 10:34 AM
Count me in!
no2obama commented on 10/19/2023 1:20 AM
I never win anything but I'll try. Thanks AL.
Jason Friese commented on 10/18/2023 5:37 PM
That’s cool. I’ll take it. Let me know when you want my FFL info.
DrDrew71 commented on 10/18/2023 2:22 PM
Very Nice !
sectorsteve commented on 10/18/2023 1:19 PM
I'm in.....
Mainengdwarf commented on 10/18/2023 1:13 PM
I'm in
Makarovman94 commented on 10/17/2023 11:42 PM
Heck yea!!
Milesjm1 commented on 10/17/2023 9:47 PM
Aantwan13 commented on 10/17/2023 5:18 PM
JohnConnors commented on 10/17/2023 1:17 PM
Im in
Apache67 commented on 10/17/2023 10:40 AM
Great gun
jreitzcars commented on 10/17/2023 9:03 AM
great pistol Ive owned one since 1990 glad they brought them back
jreitzcars commented on 10/17/2023 9:02 AM
rwhill36 commented on 10/17/2023 6:59 AM
B great to win
Eagle11 commented on 10/16/2023 9:36 AM
OLDAIRMAN commented on 10/16/2023 9:27 AM
Deagan kaiser commented on 10/16/2023 12:04 AM
stentheawesome commented on 10/15/2023 11:53 PM
Let’s do it. Thanks Armslist!
NotMyRealName87 commented on 10/15/2023 10:11 PM
Lets goooooo!
D. Freeman commented on 10/15/2023 8:59 PM
Enter me please. Many thanks!
Cole7978 commented on 10/15/2023 8:09 PM
Enter please
firefighter269 commented on 10/15/2023 6:56 PM
I’m in
timhill100 commented on 10/15/2023 6:29 PM
im in
Eagleglide commented on 10/15/2023 6:02 PM
I’m in
Scott Flenniken commented on 10/15/2023 3:33 PM
Nice pistols
L0gan1188 commented on 10/15/2023 3:08 PM
J-Will commented on 10/15/2023 2:12 PM
Hell yeah. Thanks for the opportunity!
leonh commented on 10/15/2023 1:59 PM
Enter please
elvis1964 commented on 10/15/2023 1:21 PM
Nice Enter please
David Warfield commented on 10/15/2023 1:05 PM
Enter me!
matteuccimark commented on 10/15/2023 1:04 PM
Enter? Hahaha
DDillard commented on 10/15/2023 12:43 PM
Rawhide502 commented on 10/15/2023 12:02 PM
chad pratt commented on 10/15/2023 9:34 AM
fillthabowlskii22 commented on 10/15/2023 4:54 AM
fillthabowlskii22 commented on 10/15/2023 4:48 AM
Since premium account owners are eligible to win does that automatically enter us in the giveaway or is there something we must do?
Garrzoni commented on 10/15/2023 3:02 AM
Luckily unlucky
Edward Two-Dogs commented on 10/14/2023 6:46 PM
Is there an alternate way to get entered without a premium account? I'm still on a free account.
David Kr commented on 10/14/2023 6:24 PM
David Kr commented on 10/14/2023 6:24 PM
jagade commented on 10/14/2023 3:49 PM
jagade commented on 10/14/2023 3:48 PM
Enter me
Foothiller commented on 10/14/2023 3:46 PM
I need this my dad had one just like it.
Lovcavs commented on 10/14/2023 3:27 PM
Cory Best commented on 10/14/2023 3:26 PM
Smitty257 commented on 10/14/2023 3:01 PM
MD1971 commented on 10/14/2023 1:40 PM
Steve Carter commented on 10/14/2023 12:48 PM
Sounds Great!
jlukas4165 commented on 10/14/2023 12:37 PM
Just once already
Coltguy1069 commented on 10/14/2023 12:32 PM
I need it!
libertyandlead commented on 10/14/2023 11:57 AM
Travisevertson commented on 10/14/2023 11:29 AM
This my time
iridium commented on 10/14/2023 11:04 AM
I do want!
Black Horse II commented on 10/14/2023 9:53 AM
SA 35 Is Awsom HI Pow I think better then original
Klowry86 commented on 10/14/2023 9:50 AM
That is nice looking firearm
Falcons commented on 10/14/2023 9:15 AM
I was contacted from the “ Armslist “ team on 8/28/23. I was told that I would be sent something..a patch and what not from the number 7245784740… kept calling till I finally picked up to confirm my delivery address …. Nothing… and still nothing
SLM commented on 10/14/2023 9:06 AM
jgetz commented on 10/14/2023 6:06 AM
buck222 commented on 10/14/2023 5:58 AM
Searay210br commented on 10/14/2023 5:16 AM
JMB….nuff said
JayPat17 commented on 10/14/2023 5:09 AM
SA-35 goes pew pew pew
Smore commented on 10/14/2023 4:01 AM
This would be pretty cool to add to my collection!
stan_us army commented on 10/14/2023 3:17 AM
This thing would be the perfect one for me, I don't have one in that caliber and this would be awesome to have......
coyotecaveman commented on 10/14/2023 2:24 AM
That's awesome I'll take some mags
BigAl300 commented on 10/14/2023 2:13 AM
Bring it here to daddy
Ahflippin commented on 10/14/2023 2:10 AM
TimothyMS commented on 10/14/2023 1:48 AM
Such a beauty!
thepoedaddy commented on 10/14/2023 12:40 AM
GunGuy0 commented on 10/14/2023 12:34 AM
Phosphate1 commented on 10/13/2023 11:56 PM
Knucklehead42 commented on 10/13/2023 11:45 PM
Must have!!!!!!
zipski commented on 10/13/2023 11:10 PM
yodeldog commented on 10/13/2023 11:02 PM
Love it !!!
RonWesson357 commented on 10/13/2023 10:58 PM
It's mine
Billy Bob commented on 10/13/2023 10:58 PM
Classic looks.
Med507 commented on 10/13/2023 10:49 PM
I neeed it
sprsonic commented on 10/13/2023 10:10 PM
JacobPowwell1 commented on 10/13/2023 9:52 PM
Lordkelly74 commented on 10/13/2023 9:37 PM
This would be very cool
Shon0609 commented on 10/13/2023 9:33 PM
Steven1911 commented on 10/13/2023 9:31 PM
Such a classic
krused75 commented on 10/13/2023 9:23 PM
Classic style!
Krouskop Guns commented on 10/13/2023 9:16 PM
lovemesomeme commented on 10/13/2023 9:11 PM
Hi ya power
Milley commented on 10/13/2023 8:53 PM
That Hi-Power is calling my name.
cryeager commented on 10/13/2023 8:40 PM
Long live the Hi-power!
Vics883 commented on 10/13/2023 8:28 PM
Cheesehogg commented on 10/13/2023 8:28 PM
Trick or Treat! That gun looks neat me winning would be sweet !
Jessie B Pittman commented on 10/13/2023 8:23 PM
Would'nt mind.Good Luck
neanderthug commented on 10/13/2023 8:20 PM
Nice..if they don't have the Magazine Safety and it's Plus P rated, so much the better
Bja1976 commented on 10/13/2023 8:19 PM
Scsilvers70 commented on 10/13/2023 8:19 PM
tbal57man commented on 10/13/2023 8:12 PM
that is a fine looking piece of history.
aklusman commented on 10/13/2023 8:09 PM
chestnut9187 commented on 10/13/2023 8:03 PM
Looking forward to see who wons!
[email protected] commented on 10/13/2023 7:53 PM
Lots of use here
ewgannaway commented on 10/13/2023 7:50 PM
I would definitely give this a good home.
waco666 commented on 10/13/2023 7:47 PM
Lincolntonwolf commented on 10/13/2023 7:42 PM
Lincolntonwolf commented on 10/13/2023 7:42 PM
Bo Stone commented on 10/13/2023 7:39 PM
[email protected] commented on 10/13/2023 7:38 PM
Lol I don’t win, but dang it’s beautiful
drscott commented on 10/13/2023 7:38 PM
Send it !
ClintP3 commented on 10/13/2023 7:36 PM
Love the Hi-power!!!
TCBeard commented on 10/13/2023 7:34 PM
Count me in!
jscheel1 commented on 10/13/2023 7:34 PM
Always wanted one…
ray77nikola commented on 10/13/2023 7:34 PM
Kent Ellis1970 commented on 10/13/2023 7:31 PM
Would love to have in my collection.
twt666 commented on 10/13/2023 7:28 PM
Very nice firearm
Buckhunter8768 commented on 10/13/2023 7:27 PM
Jarrod ward commented on 10/13/2023 7:22 PM
Hell ya
Mfleming commented on 10/13/2023 7:22 PM
sniper001 commented on 10/13/2023 7:21 PM
Sure would look nice in my hands.
TeamUsa100 commented on 10/13/2023 7:18 PM
That's an awesome giveaway prize!
Linda Lochard commented on 10/13/2023 7:18 PM
M.Paris commented on 10/13/2023 7:15 PM
Quick before WW3 pops off ! Lol
Choquette commented on 10/13/2023 7:10 PM
g7777777 commented on 10/13/2023 7:10 PM
Good deal
TxAustin1995 commented on 10/13/2023 7:09 PM
Thats awesome
lilcruiser commented on 10/13/2023 7:07 PM
Somebody is going to be a happy camper!
Bigtom65 commented on 10/13/2023 7:06 PM
Would love to win
diesel 444 commented on 10/13/2023 7:06 PM
I'VE been a Springfield fan for 40 years and a big Browning fan as well so the 2 great mfg. and design should be a great pair, hope to win but whom ever gets it will like it
Csmith24 commented on 10/13/2023 7:06 PM
Love to have it
kentuckywindage1 commented on 10/13/2023 7:05 PM
Such a nice piece
equinox44 commented on 10/13/2023 7:03 PM
enter me
Feedlot commented on 10/13/2023 7:03 PM
I could use it
Kable commented on 10/13/2023 7:01 PM
Nice, i like it
CPut1 commented on 10/13/2023 6:59 PM
Lemme get it
Rumleyhunter commented on 10/13/2023 6:56 PM
I hope I win! It looks great!
guns4ever commented on 10/13/2023 6:55 PM
Send it my way for my bday the 27th
Taco6996 commented on 10/13/2023 6:52 PM
Thanks, sounds great
jdbaldoc commented on 10/13/2023 6:52 PM
Jesbeid87 commented on 10/13/2023 6:51 PM
This is too awesome
Kuber3 commented on 10/13/2023 6:51 PM
Nice prize!
sparky4887 commented on 10/13/2023 6:47 PM
Sounds awesome!
jetman2 commented on 10/13/2023 6:45 PM
When is the drawing?
UnicornValley commented on 10/13/2023 6:44 PM
ComeToTheCellar commented on 10/13/2023 6:44 PM
So we're already entered to win, or are there steps we have to take?
R. Morton commented on 10/13/2023 6:43 PM
I wish me luck!
flycast10706 commented on 10/13/2023 6:43 PM
Drh56 commented on 10/13/2023 6:43 PM
Great looking pistol would love to own that!!
Nuke513 commented on 10/13/2023 6:43 PM
Hog-Owner commented on 10/13/2023 6:42 PM
1873Peacemaker commented on 10/13/2023 6:42 PM
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