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End of Year Manufacturer Rebates!
created: 12/28/2023 7:42 PM in NEWS
What follows are a list of rebates, by Make and Model.  Act fast and buy these models new from Armslist Premium Vendors before 12/31/2023!

Kel-Tec (Submission Deadline 4/1/24):
Springfield Armory (Submission Deadline 1/31/24):
Stoeger (Submission Deadline 2/14/24):
STR Series:
Taurus (Submission Deadline 2/5/24):

Tikka (Submission Deadline 2/29/24):
T3X Series:
created: 12/28/2023 7:42 PM in NEWS

hunt_armslist commented on 1/11/2024 4:03 PM
Thanks guys!
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