DS Arms SA58 Pistol Giveaway!
created: 8/20/2018 6:18 PM in NEWS
created: 8/20/2018 6:18 PM in NEWS

Mpfico13 commented on 1/20/2019 1:21 AM
Amazing firearm
Jclark226 commented on 12/29/2018 7:49 PM
Im18 commented on 12/28/2018 9:44 AM
Free float squad
vz2008dmz commented on 9/29/2018 9:39 PM
Tbouie commented on 9/5/2018 8:04 PM
andrew@armslist commented on 8/23/2018 5:13 PM
There was an issue with the link in the blog...you can enter by heading to www.armslist.com/giveaways
dager2010 commented on 8/23/2018 3:06 PM
How do I enter?
PrescottGunner commented on 8/23/2018 12:14 PM
There is no way to enter...
Taytayflan commented on 8/23/2018 9:06 AM
All I wanna do is enter.
NateB25 commented on 8/23/2018 3:35 AM
Best troll ever?
Glasgow1611 commented on 8/23/2018 1:24 AM
click here to enter does not work
barry gershinzon commented on 8/23/2018 12:46 AM
Click here to enter does not work!
Duncanrick2000 commented on 8/22/2018 10:36 PM
KyleOfWight commented on 8/22/2018 10:28 PM
Wish I knew how to enter
Syler moser commented on 8/22/2018 10:15 PM
I want one!
Dry Ridge Pawn commented on 8/22/2018 8:14 PM
This gun looks amazing. would love to add this to the collection
RCraig05113 commented on 8/22/2018 8:08 PM
KjpGlobal2 commented on 8/22/2018 2:55 PM
DoctorKevin commented on 8/22/2018 10:16 AM
DoctorKevin commented on 8/22/2018 10:16 AM
Snowplow21 commented on 8/22/2018 5:34 AM
I'm not sure how to enter but I need this
broylz commented on 8/22/2018 2:16 AM
This is an awesome package! love anything in .308. How do I enter if the "click here to enter" is part of a picture?
broylz commented on 8/22/2018 2:11 AM
The click here to enter is not working for me... am I too late?
Donkeykong commented on 8/22/2018 1:59 AM
GarandThumb did a review on this gun. Super cool!
super_kuper commented on 8/22/2018 12:44 AM
Wow, never seen a FAL set up as a pistol, that's AWESOME!
Adam Lybrook commented on 8/21/2018 11:51 PM
Very nice
csharding31789 commented on 8/21/2018 11:14 PM
Michael.Wilson commented on 8/21/2018 11:11 PM
Smet commented on 8/21/2018 6:01 PM
wow that's a handsome pistol there.good luck everybody.
bc2003 commented on 8/21/2018 4:15 PM
Cms484 commented on 8/21/2018 3:23 PM
Nonme commented on 8/21/2018 12:59 PM
OMG, DANG, That is one bad mutha, shut your mouth!
Gigi_Shakes commented on 8/21/2018 10:45 AM
I need this in my life
TorinoJoe94 commented on 8/21/2018 6:15 AM
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