August Gun and Gear Giveaway!
created: 8/10/2023 2:30 PM in NEWS


Our August 2023 customer appreciation giveaway features the grand prize of an FNH FN15 Guardian with Holosun 403B courtesy of Legion Arms, and an AR550 Level III+ Quick Response Package with PolyShield Spall Protection courtesy of our friends at Caliber Armor!  Total value of the package is over $1500 MSRP!

Best part is, ALL existing subscribers are automatically entered and eligible to win ALL of our giveaways!

Further prizes include:  

1 Winner:  Civivi Conspirator Knife (as seen here in our review)
1 Winner:  5 PMags 
10 Winners:  Armslist Swag Bag including a hat, t-shirt, and more

Also, congrats to June's giveaway winner Colin S., who won a S&W 360PD!

Thanks again to our friends at Legion Arms, and Caliber Armor, and we look forward to picking winners at the end of the month!

To read more about eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions click here.


created: 8/10/2023 2:30 PM in NEWS

cmccall1973 commented on 9/14/2023 7:06 AM
Sign me up
andrew@armslist commented on 8/24/2023 1:40 PM
We will be announcing the July winner next Thursday! Good luck everyone!
oceanl72000 commented on 8/23/2023 7:48 AM
Well I'm certainly hoping I get this one, not too often do I get a win.. maybe this is finally it! fingers crossed.. thank you Armslist for a wonderful opportunity !
David Reid commented on 8/22/2023 3:22 PM
June's winner listed above, what about July's, David..
etnorias86 commented on 8/22/2023 12:03 PM
Tnman0854 commented on 8/21/2023 7:27 PM
How awesome would this be if I one this sweet package I'm turning 25 on August 28th now that would be a nice birthday gift
Parkerkent94 commented on 8/18/2023 4:12 PM
Thank you guys always for everything
cak3289 commented on 8/17/2023 8:35 AM
What an awesome giveaway package!!! #sendit #2A
JPB commented on 8/15/2023 3:03 AM
Very nice!
model88 commented on 8/14/2023 1:59 PM
Keep up the good work Armslist
Jay Truelock commented on 8/14/2023 12:56 PM
Nice thanks for the entry
Johnnie Pick commented on 8/13/2023 10:27 PM
Thanks for all entries monthly!
Marcapod05 commented on 8/13/2023 7:16 PM
Hope I win! Go Brandon!
CDCecca commented on 8/11/2023 1:42 AM
Thank You! Stay Safe out there.
Desertratone commented on 8/11/2023 12:34 AM
Thank you Armslist and supporting members
rrichard1974 commented on 8/11/2023 12:02 AM
msharib commented on 8/10/2023 10:21 PM
Interesting giveaway. Thanks gor the opportunity to win Armslist team!
austin4545 commented on 8/10/2023 9:39 PM
never won anything before i would love to win this gun to pass it down the family tree and woukd love to take the kids out to shoot it
dennis-marts commented on 8/10/2023 9:08 PM
never won anything in my life, maybe first time huh.
Fred antonelli commented on 8/10/2023 8:24 PM
Would be nice thank you
Cw5hawkpilot commented on 8/10/2023 8:11 PM
2A 4A
Refmec commented on 8/10/2023 7:32 PM
Entry please ! Thanks for keeping things going ! 2A strong
DAYGO1904 commented on 8/10/2023 7:08 PM
All I have to say is “God Bless America”
lofreq913 commented on 8/10/2023 6:31 PM
Sounds pretty cool! Good luck to all those who enter!
Subiedude commented on 8/10/2023 6:27 PM
Thank you
wordie commented on 8/10/2023 5:37 PM
Alot of nice stuff. Would like to have any of it. Rock on Armslist!
Gunguyky9mm commented on 8/10/2023 5:27 PM
Wow!! Hope I win.
dbfred commented on 8/10/2023 5:25 PM
Love it
neanderthug commented on 8/10/2023 5:22 PM
johnmarcedwards commented on 8/10/2023 5:22 PM
equinox44 commented on 8/10/2023 5:16 PM
enter me please
Ghostblkout commented on 8/10/2023 5:16 PM
Cgnewto commented on 8/10/2023 5:11 PM
Drh56 commented on 8/10/2023 5:07 PM
Drh56 commented on 8/10/2023 5:06 PM
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