August Contest Winners!
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Last month we brough back conests and had a variety of great prizes!

Our Grand Prize winner received the Steyr Arms M9-A1 and shared his first impressions and pictures with us.

Included in the box was the Steyr M9-A1 itself, two 17 round magazines, lock and key, two tools used to operate the locking mechanism, and the instruction manual. When I took the Steyr out of the box the first thing I noticed was that the grip fit my hand like a glove. I've honestly never found a gun that has fit my hands so well and I've owned a variety of handguns over the years.

I absolutely love the trapezoidal sights on the Steyr. The design of the sight channel causes your eyes to naturally focus in the center at the tip of the triangle, allowing you to acquire your target faster than traditional three dot combat sights. I wasn't sure I would like the sights, but now that I've seen them in person I'm wishing I could buy this style of sights for some of my other handguns. The trigger on the Steyr beats the Glock trigger hands down, and is neck and neck with the Walther PPQ. I think the Steyr has a slight edge since the trigger feels better on my finger and operates a little more smoothly than the PPQ trigger.

I've only had the Steyr for a few days, but it's quickly becoming one of my favorite handguns. The trigger is smooth as butter, the sights are amazing, and the grip fits my hand like a glove. I'm considering selling my PPQ on and using the money to buy the Steyr SA-1, the compact version of the M9-A1.


Jay was the recipient of the Hogue Inc 10-22 Tactical Thumbhole Stock. Stuck in the marketing industry, when he’s not selling print he enjoys anything outdoors. The father of two, he’s looking forward to the first trip to the range with his daughter. He plans to buy a Ruger 10/22 that will fill this stock and be the first gun she fires. His go to is a Springfield XDS. He has been an user for years and says, “I don't bother looking at any other sites.”


Ben received a 50th Anniversary edition Hogue Inc pistol bag. He is an avid outdoorsman and adventure hunter. He owns and operates Ben's Bones Outdoors as a licensed FFL dealer and completes European skull mounts. Ben mainly enjoys duck and deer hunting in Mississippi and Alabama, and has also hunted exotic game in Africa and Texas with ambitions to travel to other parts of the world hunting. Most recently, he tagged out two alligators in the Mississippi Alligator Program. 


Jeremy received an prize pack. He runs - the #1 resource for free to enter gun giveaways on the internet. He lives in Central Oregon with his beautiful wife, 4 kids, and too many animals to count.

Check out our contest page for details on our current contest and how to enter. Our grand prize for September is a Century Arms RAS47-Zhukov Prize Package.

created: 9/19/2017 4:02 PM in NEWS

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