Out of this world handgun: The LAUGO ALIEN
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The Laugo Arms Alien represents a quantum leap forward in pistol design; a specimen of evolutionary success with DNA deeply rooted in competition.

Freed from the confines of obsolete locking mechanisms and conventional trigger designs, the Alien ushers in the dawn of a new breed… the first of its kind

The Laugo Alien is a Czech-made competition pistol imported by Lancer Systems in the U.S. Its design stands out from other popular semi-auto handguns, particularly the orientation of the barrel, which sits below the top of the frame rather than above it.

With the slide pulled back, you’ll notice the sights and barrel remain stationary and do not move when the gun is fired. The barrel is actually mounted to the frame, and the sights are mounted to a rib that mounts to the frame around the reciprocating slide. This keeps the sights and barrel perfectly aligned and zeroed.
The Aliens extremely low bore axis keeps the barrel level with your wrist and arm and prevents muzzle flip due to the barrel being higher than your wrist.
Unlike pistol designs that use a Glock-style tilting barrel, the Alien’s fixed barrel will not move between shots. This design element greatly improves accuracy.

The gun’s iron sights are unlike anything else on the market. They’re mounted directly to the top strap, which is a strip of metal that’s mounted to the frame of the pistol with a captive retaining pin and provides stability to the central slide portion. This design keeps the sights completely stationary while firing and allows the shooter to swap between iron sights and an optic without losing zero. 
The top strap also incorporates the gun’s hammer, which swings downward rather than upward. The movement doesn’t meaningfully affect function compared to other handguns, but it does result in a vastly better trigger than any striker-fired Glock or SIG. 
Because of the stationary top strap to which the sights are mounted, a shooter can’t grab the top of the slide to manipulate/rack it and must instead grab the significant serrations at the rear of the slide.

The main issue that you’ll encounter with the Laugo Alien is the uncommon design. Compared to what you’re used to, it can be hard to clean, fix, and sometimes shoot, and you won’t be able to find gear for it. The gas system runs very hot and dirty,  you'd definitely want to give it a clean after a good day at the range. Also, it’s oriented for right-handed shooters only with no reversible or alternate controls. Sorry Lefties.. 

Of course, we have to mention the price. The Laugo Alien retails for $5,200, but you’ll find it listed online for well north of that price — sometimes over $8,000. That’s why hardly anyone owns one and why there are no holsters or aftermarket accessories for the Alien. If you want the Full Kit, that will run you $6,250. 
The Alien isn't going to make anyone a better shot, but rather, it’s meant for those who want to invest the time and money to maximize their potential.

While the Alien’s price tag is high, If you’re a serious shooter and someone who admires incredible workmanship, the Laugo Alien is the pistol for you.
created: 4/11/2024 2:47 PM in GET-INVOLVED

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