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E- Commerce Vendor Spotlight
created: 3/8/2024 1:22 PM in GET-INVOLVED

Head over to E-Commerce and check out what Rick with Forward Thinking Design is offering!

Forward Thinking Design is a Veteran Owned Company, know for their custom mags and American Made foregrips. They also offer a plethora of tactical gear.

Their Founder Rick was a former UH-60 Blackhawk Crewchief.  He was the machinegunner/mechanic and flew 997 total hours, 624 of which were combat hours done while overseas in Afghanistan in 2013.  Rick was with the 28th ID 2-104th ECAB PA Army National Guard.  He served from 2011-2017, but had to get out due to back injury form the Army.  He loved being a machinegunner and that led him into learning a multiple other weapon systems in the army.

Rick always had a bit of a creative side, so he wanted to combine that with his love of firearms, hence the paint coating.  Rick has been turning wrenches on aircraft for 10 years now and built custom automated machinery for 6 years as well.  That lead him into being able to design and 3d print/manufacture pretty much anything. he decided to start small with carbonfiber foregrips and handstops.  The hand stop is based off the bcm grip, which everyone is just cutting with a hacksaw, so it has been redesigned, it looks much better and is way lighter!
created: 3/8/2024 1:22 PM in GET-INVOLVED

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