Armslist Needs Your Help
created: 5/18/2018 6:33 PM in GET-INVOLVED


We do our best to provide a free service to the law abiding gun owners of this Great Nation.  The Brady Campaign is doing everything they can to stop us.

And this isn't just about Armslist, or guns, or the Second Amendment.  The most recent ruling would end the Internet as we know it.  And the worse part is, it is full of lies, lies about how Armslist works, lies about how the Internet works, and lies accusing you, the users of Armslist of being a bunch of criminals.


Join the fight.

We are still standing and fighting.  So is the Brady Campaign, and we need your help to continue this fight and to prevail over this political lawsuit that threatens to end freedom on the internet for all websites

Small donations from Freedom Loving Americans like you from all over this country are going to win the day not just for the Second Amendment, not just for how we use the Internet, but for Americans all over this Great Nation.

Click the banner above to help us fight off these vicious attacks.  No donation is too small.

Thank you,


created: 5/18/2018 6:33 PM in GET-INVOLVED

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