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I had the pleasure of being hosted by Urban Carry Holsters of Sanford, Florida last month for their rollout of a new REVO modular holster system.   I have had 5 weeks to personally evaluate the product prior to the official release. This holster system allows you to combine your favorite carry pistol shell with a variety of carrying rig options.

Urban Carry Team

This official youtube video of the REVO system which was released today will shed some light on the benefits of the system:


In my experience, there are an impressive number of options that Urban Carry will be selling for the REVO Modular Holster System. They include (2) IWB rigs for the small of the user's back, an appendix carry rig, OWB rig that attaches to the user's belt, a shoulder harness rig, a drop leg rig, and an ankle rig.   Urban Carry has you covered no matter what style of concealed carry you prefer.

I have been wearing the Revo ankle rig during work hours and to fundraisers in the evening with a suit. It was a little rigid for the first day or two but after that it loosened up and formed to my ankle. That is to be expected with any new holster. Overall it is very comfortable to wear after breakin.

After versatility, the single best feature of the system is a monetary one. This should be the last holster system you will need to buy. Buying one or two REVO shells for your favorite carry gun and several rigs for all your favorite carry positions does save you a lot of coin compared to having to buy individual holsters for each gun and carry position.

 The official Urban Carry literature says it best:

"By separating the Holster Rig from the Shell you have the freedom to quickly interchange every shell with every rig for your changing day to day life AND rotate it 360 degrees to your personal ideal position. This gives you more options at less cost while taking up less space.  There are REVO Shells for over 100 different firearms and rigs for IWB, OWB, Appendix, Ankle, Drop Leg, and Shoulder."

At one point in our tour of the Urban Carry facility we were able to observe one of the employees actually sewing the components of a rig together. It was great to see the craftsmanship of someone who clearly takes pride in his work.


One of the highlights for me was receiving my very own Urban Carry heavy duty leather gun belt. In the past every belt I tried to use for carry purposes let me down in one way or another. This 1.5 inch wide belt has no need for filler as it is a solid 1/4” thick chunk of leather. And at just $45 you can buy one in every color to match your favorite shoes.

If you want to learn more about these great new products, please contact Urban Carry Holsters directly and start building your own holster system.






TEL: 321-363-0181

created: 11/3/2017 5:19 PM in GEAR

Loughsun commented on 11/6/2017 4:51 AM
I have a 2nd generation Urban Cary 2 hoster (Captain Model) I used it today to carry at a banquet . It was comfortable, I even felt comfortable while seated. I am looking forward to acquiring one of the REVO Modular Holster System rigs for my Steyr M40-A1. I hope you guys make one that fits that platform?
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