created: 4/18/2024 12:46 PM in GEAR


We're giving one lucky user a Smith & Wesson Governor!!!

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As summer approaches, so does the increase in outdoor activities. Whether you're hiking through the wilderness, camping under the stars, or simply enjoying a stroll in your backyard, encountering wildlife is always a possibility. Encountering venomous snakes can quickly turn a peaceful outing into a dangerous situation.

Known for its versatility and reliability, this revolver is a favorite among outdoorsmen. Chambered in .410, .45 ACP, and .45 Colt, the Governor is capable of firing a range of ammunition, making it ideal for everything from taking out snakes, to personal protection.

Additionally, we'll be giving 10 users an Armslist ammo can filled with gear, swag and more!

As always, all Armslist Premium Personal subscribers are automatically eligible to win! 

Not an Armslist Premium Personal subscriber? 


To read more about giveaway eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions click here.  Prize winners will be drawn May 16th 2024.

Good luck!

created: 4/18/2024 12:46 PM in GEAR

Anthony Romo commented on 5/24/2024 2:16 PM
As an Arizona resident, it is imperative that I’m selected.
Smittysmith commented on 5/21/2024 12:56 AM
Confused commented on 5/21/2024 12:36 AM
this would be awesome
Mochila21 commented on 5/21/2024 12:31 AM
Has anyone been picked? I wouldn’t hurt to have the snakekiller as my first revolver
Jason_M92 commented on 5/20/2024 2:37 AM
Since a winner has not been picked. I would like to be the first to call dibs lol.
LPCollins commented on 5/19/2024 10:43 PM
Who won? Armslist Social Forums when?
DonaldJtrump24 commented on 5/19/2024 10:05 PM
Winners list? Is it true there giving out gear to 10 if didn’t win that gorgeous snake blaster
Jason_M92 commented on 5/18/2024 4:37 PM
Did they announce the winner?
Eljellybean57 commented on 5/17/2024 9:25 PM
I don't want it. I need it
[email protected] commented on 5/15/2024 12:59 PM
How do you enter the contest?
lmorse67 commented on 5/15/2024 3:16 AM
Pick Me!!!!
Numbnuts commented on 5/15/2024 1:26 AM
Just send it to me now! : )
RonWesson357 commented on 5/15/2024 1:00 AM
I need that.
Whatcha Doing commented on 5/15/2024 12:15 AM
Ohhh I need that
Rfeimster commented on 5/14/2024 11:14 PM
Snake getter
skipper commented on 5/14/2024 10:35 PM
BoseGloin commented on 5/14/2024 3:00 PM
Perfect for Arizona adventures!
Smore commented on 5/14/2024 7:26 AM
Would be great to try it around my property, already came across 2 rattles since the beginning of May!
NickUSMCvet commented on 5/14/2024 5:25 AM
Would be a nice addition around the farm. If only “luck” was in my vocabulary. lol
Doyled02 commented on 5/14/2024 3:45 AM
A 3" 410 shell loaded with #7.5's would be a great load.
Johnnie Pick commented on 5/14/2024 3:14 AM
Looking forward to this drawing, be an amazing addition out and about on the property!
paltogan commented on 5/13/2024 9:55 PM
Gunlovr commented on 5/13/2024 8:12 PM
helicopter commented on 5/13/2024 7:17 PM
Let me score this gun
Z282000 commented on 5/13/2024 7:03 PM
I am already a member.
Refmec commented on 5/13/2024 6:03 PM
Love the contests! Keep up the good work
born to be free commented on 5/13/2024 5:13 PM
Good luck to all....
equinox44 commented on 5/13/2024 2:24 PM
enter me
GLSmith commented on 5/13/2024 2:09 PM
Awesome gun.
clanjrd commented on 5/13/2024 1:46 PM
leendy commented on 5/13/2024 1:46 PM
would fit in nice
elvis1964 commented on 5/13/2024 1:07 PM
Would be super handy here in the south
Wmullet540 commented on 5/13/2024 10:22 AM
Oh now that is a sweet snaker!
Kent Ellis1970 commented on 5/13/2024 10:07 AM
Would look good with the other Smith And Wessons in the safe.
Kevin Moakley commented on 5/13/2024 9:09 AM
I would really like this!
blueduck1503 commented on 5/13/2024 2:05 AM
It would look nice next to my other wheel guns!!!
timhill100 commented on 5/13/2024 12:52 AM
1twisted1 commented on 5/12/2024 10:13 PM
prefect mate for my sp101
Rayh657 commented on 5/12/2024 9:56 PM
Would be awesome
Mickelson1 commented on 5/12/2024 8:48 PM
I would love to actually win this. Its one of those guns you have to own. Plus its a S&W super reliable and able to take a beating.
Kmart85 commented on 5/12/2024 7:56 PM
Very cool giveaway
hayman007 commented on 5/12/2024 5:40 PM
Nice farm piece.
Anubismc32786222 commented on 5/12/2024 5:18 PM
Dibbers lolol
Anubismc32786222 commented on 5/12/2024 5:17 PM
Kingbud956 commented on 5/12/2024 4:52 PM
Let me win
Czechmix commented on 5/12/2024 4:45 PM
This would be a nice addition for my camping gear.
MIKEMP5 commented on 5/12/2024 4:45 PM
I've been metal, detecting some old Homestead out in Ashtabula, I've come across copperheads more than once. I could use a good snake killer.
gk1 commented on 5/12/2024 3:56 PM
Hey, I could use it. Probably not on snakes but you know
Aaron Quillin commented on 5/12/2024 2:54 PM
Snake killer!!!
Confused commented on 5/12/2024 2:48 PM
Any of this would be a blessing
Patrickwade commented on 5/12/2024 2:45 PM
Love to have it!
Brentwharmon commented on 5/12/2024 2:24 PM
Richard moy commented on 5/12/2024 1:36 PM
BrandonNeely commented on 5/12/2024 1:21 PM
This would be awesome
DCTC commented on 5/12/2024 1:12 PM
Julez0726 commented on 5/12/2024 12:54 PM
Slytherin is going to be in trouble
TheBidensRPedos commented on 5/12/2024 10:38 AM
Dibs. Last time I said dibs I won.
cj0807 commented on 5/12/2024 10:01 AM
Nuke513 commented on 5/12/2024 9:24 AM
Awesome revolver
coh commented on 5/12/2024 9:04 AM
Never won anything yet been a premium member for years. Hoping to win something eventually!
[email protected] commented on 5/12/2024 5:07 AM
I associate as the winner so it's mine right?
gunslinger2018 commented on 5/12/2024 4:43 AM
Would love to own that beauty!
Boober2002 commented on 5/11/2024 6:22 PM
God-Willing I can win one of these
djenertia13 commented on 5/9/2024 3:16 PM
Would love it.
Nickcope99 commented on 5/8/2024 11:41 PM
I never win anything. Here's hoping! America!
clutchmas5 commented on 5/8/2024 9:48 PM
Be pretty awesome!
usmc4ever92 commented on 5/8/2024 4:06 PM
RiverRat33 commented on 5/6/2024 10:00 PM
Sign me up, I need one!
Huntmoose commented on 5/6/2024 6:21 AM
Would be nice to win something
Colt45357 commented on 5/6/2024 2:55 AM
Sure, why not?? These are AWESOME
Mel commented on 5/5/2024 10:54 PM
Always wanted one of these
Dcerny commented on 5/5/2024 5:02 PM
Kelso84 commented on 5/5/2024 12:57 PM
Is it weird this revolver turns me on? I hope I win!
Rarledge4457 commented on 5/5/2024 4:55 AM
good one
Elrubirosso commented on 5/5/2024 3:58 AM
Oh man I hope this works
Knucklehead42 commented on 5/4/2024 6:21 PM
Sometimes you have to put a snake in your garden to weed out all the rats
Johnnie Pick commented on 5/3/2024 10:18 PM
Be great to carry hiking with grandkids and fishing!
Jsr90 commented on 5/3/2024 5:02 PM
Would love to take out a few copperheads with it.
keifdmad commented on 5/1/2024 2:15 PM
If I would have had one I could have saved a kid from a copperhead
tom&sarahtogetherforever! commented on 4/28/2024 11:23 AM
Harpazo commented on 4/27/2024 7:25 PM
Does it work on snakes in the govt?
Cv6969 commented on 4/27/2024 5:14 PM
Do you have to be a premium subscriber to win these giveaways ?
Lefty65 commented on 4/27/2024 4:34 PM
Want it!
Clanoy commented on 4/27/2024 4:27 PM
The swamps full of snakes
Jesse9721 commented on 4/27/2024 4:20 PM
I have always wanted one and would love to add it to my collection
Dragons@20 commented on 4/27/2024 4:11 PM
That would make a great addition to my collection of .45’s!
jfitz1177 commented on 4/27/2024 4:07 PM
Would love to be entered for a chance!
Sonny Jim commented on 4/27/2024 4:06 PM
Ability to shoot .410 and .45 Colt is great, but the .45ACP option is what makes this gun great. IMO.
PlentyWar commented on 4/27/2024 4:06 PM
Ive been called the governor before now i must own the governor!
rbcwarbucks commented on 4/26/2024 5:52 PM
I'm in!
Iraq zero tree commented on 4/26/2024 2:58 PM
I could kill some snakes!
JPC1177 commented on 4/26/2024 2:20 AM
Steve Payne commented on 4/25/2024 3:29 PM
Just go ahead and send it to me!
Fernando Gomez commented on 4/25/2024 3:28 PM
Sounds great
Harry90 commented on 4/25/2024 9:39 AM
Nice I’m in
butter commented on 4/25/2024 5:21 AM
I'm in
7XTC commented on 4/25/2024 3:37 AM
I’m in!
Jeepers38 commented on 4/24/2024 11:40 PM
That would be nice
Knucklehead42 commented on 4/24/2024 10:45 PM
Very nice
cap32960 commented on 4/24/2024 10:32 PM
How do I enter?
art kennedy commented on 4/24/2024 10:31 PM
D Payne commented on 4/24/2024 10:16 PM
I’m in!
trickyrick commented on 4/24/2024 8:55 PM
I want one
Smith.travis176 commented on 4/24/2024 8:47 PM
I’ve always wanted one!
Hoskins Kenyon commented on 4/24/2024 6:14 PM
Coty commented on 4/24/2024 3:08 PM
Dacjr commented on 4/24/2024 2:19 AM
Gideon Kack commented on 4/23/2024 8:28 PM
That’s a nice piece!
Jarodg1233 commented on 4/23/2024 1:00 PM
I could definitely put this to good use
COBlackFrog commented on 4/23/2024 12:46 PM
Could be fun...
ronnie massey commented on 4/23/2024 7:12 AM
would love to win this
chris wanless commented on 4/22/2024 7:40 PM
Good luck, have fun :)
Bbaker87 commented on 4/22/2024 7:15 PM
Good luck everyone.
Dieseljunkie44 commented on 4/22/2024 6:25 PM
Dguns92 commented on 4/22/2024 12:21 PM
Goodluck I pray I win.
HopeMcD commented on 4/22/2024 10:22 AM
Aliasrip commented on 4/21/2024 9:50 PM
Awesome! I hate snakes
bxprssd commented on 4/21/2024 7:12 PM
Ok,…I’m already a premium personal subscriber. What do I need to do to enter the drawing?
Billy0111 commented on 4/21/2024 3:21 PM
butter commented on 4/21/2024 3:05 PM
Cool gun, would love to have it.
KW Butler commented on 4/21/2024 10:49 AM
This is a great site supporting freedom.
Mikef9338 commented on 4/21/2024 9:17 AM
Would be pretty cool!
Glock 23 gen 3 commented on 4/21/2024 4:16 AM
Sounds to good to be true
Kdkinzer commented on 4/21/2024 1:14 AM
Wow! Very cool!
[email protected] commented on 4/21/2024 12:44 AM
Nice perk of being on here!
JPS-EAGLE commented on 4/20/2024 8:29 PM
This would be great with Raging Judge for a day at Range.
Dannydee7777 commented on 4/20/2024 5:07 PM
Hope it's me!!!
richeclipse9585 commented on 4/20/2024 12:55 PM
Pretty BadAss!!!
Daniel Frazier commented on 4/20/2024 11:41 AM
Awesome !! Thanks for all your hard work.
LAKE713 commented on 4/20/2024 10:49 AM
This looks awesome!
Mel commented on 4/20/2024 2:05 AM
GunGuy0 commented on 4/19/2024 10:55 PM
Goodluck everyone!!
Camron T92 commented on 4/19/2024 9:32 PM
Sure would be nice
Drumeaterking commented on 4/19/2024 9:19 PM
That would be a sweet addition to me and mine
Bubba21 commented on 4/19/2024 9:06 PM
I've looked at those governors a few times I like them
ccarter51 commented on 4/19/2024 7:20 PM
This world be epic for my house, have a creek running through the middle of my woods and a lot of low land with standing water. Definitely would be a fun new addition for the homestead!
Devin6166 commented on 4/19/2024 6:24 PM
Super cool! Nice addition in Arizona!
achunter commented on 4/19/2024 5:17 PM
This would be nice for those pesky critters.
Johnnie Pick commented on 4/19/2024 4:51 PM
Perfect around rattlesnake territory here outdoors with the grandkids!
Jforsgren75 commented on 4/19/2024 3:45 PM
Yes. Love the governor combo on ammo. Would love to own one!!
nova9912 commented on 4/19/2024 1:59 PM
Very nice wheel gun wheel guns are my favorite I hope to win this one Tom
Jakariwhite123 commented on 4/19/2024 12:29 PM
I need that
Gary B Davidson commented on 4/19/2024 12:25 PM
I live in a southern border state. I like guns. The more, the better.
AKArmorers commented on 4/19/2024 11:58 AM
Would love to have one of these
smith2146 commented on 4/19/2024 10:45 AM
I like guns
Thad Gulley commented on 4/19/2024 9:50 AM
Put me in. Thad Gulley. [email protected]. Y’all be safe.
Charles Gould commented on 4/19/2024 8:41 AM
Would be great when I am in the woods or on a hike.
SupeSoprano commented on 4/19/2024 6:17 AM
Would look great in the collection!
eddieg1274 commented on 4/19/2024 5:10 AM
That would be a nice addition to the family!
DesertWisdom commented on 4/19/2024 3:40 AM
Seen them, and my user name rings true! No winners, just survivors. Have a safe and happy summer everyone!
[email protected] commented on 4/19/2024 2:21 AM
Can't go wrong here
TNerdy commented on 4/19/2024 1:57 AM
Way better than the Judge. GoodLuck y'all.
JPR62 commented on 4/19/2024 1:01 AM
Great site ,been a member for 8yrs
Craig Knight commented on 4/19/2024 12:41 AM
Great site. I’ve used it for years.
beprepared commented on 4/18/2024 11:01 PM
Ello Gov'na
Samuelmiller commented on 4/18/2024 11:00 PM
Love this site
Ressap commented on 4/18/2024 10:57 PM
Thanks so much for what you guys do! Your site is amazing, I love it!!!
Holmes317 commented on 4/18/2024 10:27 PM
Good luck to everyone.
ROBBO^65 commented on 4/18/2024 10:16 PM
Could use that
Fiedjay21 commented on 4/18/2024 9:40 PM
BoogeyBruschi commented on 4/18/2024 9:10 PM
Thank you for this chance at this amazing giveaway.
Scorp40 commented on 4/18/2024 9:09 PM
Knucklehead42 commented on 4/18/2024 9:02 PM
Choot em
Fred antonelli commented on 4/18/2024 8:40 PM
Good luck everyone especially me
tooker1 commented on 4/18/2024 8:35 PM
Pick me!
Huntmoose commented on 4/18/2024 8:27 PM
Fingers crossed. Okay. I have my toes crossed too
Modracer4430 commented on 4/18/2024 8:24 PM
Be a decent one to add into the collection
cedarhaven commented on 4/18/2024 8:22 PM
I wanna win!
Bonster commented on 4/18/2024 7:58 PM
Sick gun I can’t wait! This is why I’m a personal subscriber! Goodluck everyone!
Naftzger commented on 4/18/2024 7:51 PM
Thanks armslist!!! Much love
locknload24 commented on 4/18/2024 7:22 PM
Good luck everyone!!
John 123 commented on 4/18/2024 7:14 PM
Mochila21 commented on 4/18/2024 7:05 PM
Finally a revolver lol I’ve been waiting for one of these. Great choice for giveaway armlist!! Love it.
BYoung75 commented on 4/18/2024 6:52 PM
Very nice!
Whiteeagle commented on 4/18/2024 6:42 PM
Good gun to put up
jmrich1791 commented on 4/18/2024 6:40 PM
I love the 45 LC/.410 Combo
Deremous commented on 4/18/2024 6:33 PM
This would be a great 1st revolver.
Bwright1968 commented on 4/18/2024 6:16 PM
Nice piece but I never win anything
TTONCRAM commented on 4/18/2024 6:12 PM
Thank you
Shottaker commented on 4/18/2024 6:07 PM
What a nice little toy.
Jesus Pina commented on 4/18/2024 6:05 PM
Ajfleming commented on 4/18/2024 6:05 PM
Let me win please
jpdesimone commented on 4/18/2024 5:56 PM
Do we need to comment here to enter?
TSKC commented on 4/18/2024 5:30 PM
That’s dope as hell, I been looking for one for quite some time.
Skiman01 commented on 4/18/2024 5:28 PM
Skiman01 commented on 4/18/2024 5:28 PM
telebndr commented on 4/18/2024 5:26 PM
Well, wouldn’t you know it? I just happen to have all three ammo options for the Guv’nah on hand. Karma dictates I should be the winner
MSH commented on 4/18/2024 5:08 PM
Dale Thompson commented on 4/18/2024 5:07 PM
What a nice opportunity!
mattb2016 commented on 4/18/2024 5:02 PM
That snakes poisonous
Shot in the dark commented on 4/18/2024 5:00 PM
Dennistrue123 commented on 4/18/2024 4:58 PM
Ninjagypsy commented on 4/18/2024 4:55 PM
Museum Arms Curator commented on 4/18/2024 4:54 PM
Wow. Noooooo thanks.
[email protected] commented on 4/18/2024 4:52 PM
SPYDER2FLY commented on 4/18/2024 4:50 PM
tom s commented on 4/18/2024 4:48 PM
happs commented on 4/18/2024 4:47 PM
Nice firearm
Codu commented on 4/18/2024 4:45 PM
G'day Govna
cd1618 commented on 4/18/2024 4:44 PM
Very nice.
HB45 commented on 4/18/2024 4:43 PM
Happy Hunting to the winner!
canes1123 commented on 4/18/2024 4:39 PM
I hate snakes.
Sam Carl commented on 4/18/2024 4:28 PM
Good Luck all!
Mad Mardigan commented on 4/18/2024 4:28 PM
yes please...
Dennis Kittleson commented on 4/18/2024 4:28 PM
I hope it's me I need some for my conceal carry
NFran069 commented on 4/18/2024 4:27 PM
This would be great for my property
Tim Hilliard commented on 4/18/2024 4:26 PM
Right on, right on!
japbike736 commented on 4/18/2024 4:23 PM
Still waiting for the call
timhill100 commented on 4/18/2024 4:21 PM
gerald turenne commented on 4/18/2024 4:20 PM
I love to win it but the only luck I have is bad luck
JAWBone1 commented on 4/18/2024 4:14 PM
Pick me, pick me!
Briel1 commented on 4/18/2024 4:14 PM
I need this out at the farm
randy jack commented on 4/18/2024 4:13 PM
mefly2321w commented on 4/18/2024 4:11 PM
Rastan commented on 4/18/2024 4:05 PM
I hope its me
BryanCarl commented on 4/18/2024 4:05 PM
I bet I don't win
Frank Grijalva commented on 4/18/2024 4:03 PM
Sounds great
Keystonexdm commented on 4/18/2024 4:02 PM
i bet i dont win
Car1131 commented on 4/18/2024 3:58 PM
Refmec commented on 4/18/2024 3:53 PM
Should I go ahead and send my dealers info???? Thanks for the great contests.
BB Hewie commented on 4/18/2024 3:51 PM
Hope I win
thepoedaddy commented on 4/18/2024 3:51 PM
Send me one
jeepycreepy commented on 4/18/2024 3:50 PM
ALOHAOLEON commented on 4/18/2024 3:47 PM
tom&sarahtogetherforever! commented on 4/18/2024 3:46 PM
Steve Payne commented on 4/18/2024 3:46 PM
I want this one! Luck be mine.
kdaskew commented on 4/18/2024 3:42 PM
WOW. What an AWESOME (no I'm not The MIZ!) piece to own, the S&W Governor. S&W quality throughout and ideal for self-preservation. May the hand of luck be with me.
kcb4947 commented on 4/18/2024 3:41 PM
A winner
GunGoesPEWPEW commented on 4/18/2024 3:40 PM
So how does one win this?
Brannon parker commented on 4/18/2024 3:40 PM
always doing great giveaways
bstogsdill commented on 4/18/2024 3:39 PM
I have wanted one of these for a long time.... It would make a nice trail or camping side arm. Versatile.
Gunguyky9mm commented on 4/18/2024 3:38 PM
Good luck to everyone.
Gtrsdd commented on 4/18/2024 3:37 PM
That would be awesome!
uromero85 commented on 4/18/2024 3:37 PM
I want
J.Shaffer commented on 4/18/2024 3:35 PM
Can never have too many!
Oscar Duncan commented on 4/18/2024 3:34 PM
Nice when do I get it
csspoonamore commented on 4/18/2024 3:34 PM
I’m In
Steven Iverson commented on 4/18/2024 3:34 PM
equinox44 commented on 4/18/2024 3:34 PM
put me in
Nuke513 commented on 4/18/2024 3:32 PM
Sweeet can’t wait
Kmart85 commented on 4/18/2024 3:32 PM
andrew@armslist commented on 4/18/2024 2:42 PM
All Premium Personal Subscribers are automatically entered to win. Otherwise read the terms and conditions above.
zachjon91 commented on 4/18/2024 2:00 PM
how do I enter?
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