Showdown: Palmetto AR Pistol vs. Steyr AUG
created: 3/21/2018 5:43 PM in GEAR
Rob takes the Steyr AUG and a 10.5" barrel AR pistol from Palmetto State, and shoots them side by side out to 300 yards.
created: 3/21/2018 5:43 PM in GEAR

adanac commented on 5/23/2018 5:26 PM
How are they "roughly" "exactly" the same length? How is it possible to be exact and approximate simultaneously?
rrainford commented on 5/13/2018 12:47 PM
So here in Oklahoma the House and Senate passed ''Constitutional Carry" for us to be able to carry with out going through like Kansas and other states,which we we were very happy! So all Oklahoma needed was our Governor Marry Fallon ti sign it into law and guess what???? YUP SHE VETOED IT!! Im 45 yrs old and at no time in my life have I remembered such a time to where our Constitution has been under such an assault!!!!!
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