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Shadow Systems MR920L Giveaway!
created: 1/25/2024 1:01 PM in GEAR

Our first customer appreciation giveaway for 2024 starts now!  We're incredibly excited to announce that, in partnership with our friends at Legion Arms, we are going to give one lucky subscriber a Shadow Systems MR920L!

Additionally, 10 winners will receive an Armslist swag bag!

As always, all Armslist Premium Personal subscribers are automatically eligible to win! 

Not an Armslist Premium Personal subscriber?


To read more about giveaway eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions click here.  Winners will be drawn on February 28th 2024.
created: 1/25/2024 1:01 PM in GEAR

NFran069 commented on 2/20/2024 11:31 PM
He'll yeah
Ecousino97 commented on 2/20/2024 11:23 PM
I really have been on the lookout for one of these !
gunocologist commented on 2/19/2024 2:23 AM
Shelleyknight commented on 2/17/2024 9:54 AM
Beats a kick in the shin lol!
Pizzalay commented on 2/16/2024 9:39 AM
NICE I am looking forward to being THAT lucky subscriber!
TCK01 commented on 2/14/2024 11:51 AM
Very nice - thanks ARMSLIST!
jimbrooksj commented on 2/13/2024 11:10 PM
I am a disabled veteran and it would give me home protection
Mcaporali commented on 2/13/2024 6:08 PM
Can't wait!
Strakt1969 commented on 2/13/2024 4:48 PM
I would love to Win, I’m disabled and need a firearm for protection!
Zebulon F commented on 2/13/2024 12:03 AM
I like guns !
arlenhuey commented on 2/12/2024 11:37 PM
I could use 1 of those.
NDavid commented on 2/11/2024 8:43 PM
Protect 2A for life!
troy minster commented on 2/11/2024 7:01 AM
keep up the giveaways.
Gary6969 commented on 2/11/2024 4:52 AM
Mochila21 commented on 2/11/2024 4:06 AM
Would love to be picked!! Wanted to buy one recently but bills held me back for a few months definetly would love to shoot this gun. Love this website with giveaways and daily new real posts not scams! .
Ar15guru7575 commented on 2/10/2024 8:30 PM
I had the pleasure of shooting an mr930 elite last year at a range day. Absolutely loved it! I’m the the L is even more accurate and flatter shooting.
wolverine88 commented on 2/10/2024 8:04 PM
Nice Pistols
Cheesehogg commented on 2/10/2024 7:53 PM
Would really love this !!
Karl Balone commented on 2/10/2024 7:14 PM
chill9918 commented on 2/10/2024 5:04 PM
What’s a swag bag?
Coltgunman commented on 2/10/2024 3:03 PM
I could live with that!!
Zflick8 commented on 2/10/2024 2:24 PM
Hope I Win!!!
Ryan evans commented on 2/10/2024 1:17 PM
I’ve always wanted a Gucci Glock !!!!!!
Ryan evans commented on 2/10/2024 1:16 PM
Sure is a beautiful piece !!!!!!
cap32960 commented on 2/10/2024 12:07 PM
Gramz commented on 2/10/2024 10:57 AM
lefever commented on 2/10/2024 10:09 AM
Nice pistol I need a new carrie gun
Tom Hawthorne commented on 2/10/2024 10:05 AM
Looks good
Anubis618 commented on 2/10/2024 9:52 AM
Dang this gun looks amazing.
odie commented on 2/10/2024 9:42 AM
rakecostello commented on 2/10/2024 9:35 AM
Yes please….
soonerfied commented on 2/10/2024 9:35 AM
That will look real nice in my underwear drawer...
Joker46394 commented on 2/10/2024 9:16 AM
I will love to add a shadow system to my collection
wildogss commented on 2/10/2024 9:15 AM
Very nice!
jdbaldoc commented on 2/9/2024 6:26 PM
Really nice looking guns!
cncnag commented on 2/9/2024 6:08 PM
Love to own one. Thanks for giving back
Shane_The_alien commented on 2/9/2024 5:53 PM
Wolverine5873 commented on 2/9/2024 4:14 PM
Cool I'm entered automatically, Nice !!
earley60 commented on 2/9/2024 3:46 PM
Dagood77 commented on 2/9/2024 3:41 PM
COBlackFrog commented on 2/8/2024 2:16 PM
b4mac20 commented on 2/8/2024 12:46 AM
They're Mine! TY
Smittysmith commented on 2/7/2024 6:47 PM
[email protected] commented on 2/7/2024 3:02 PM
Very nice
markb70 commented on 2/6/2024 5:28 PM
i'm in
William Hinish commented on 2/6/2024 5:04 PM
Sweet! Thanks
Robert Vasile commented on 2/5/2024 5:40 PM
Yes !
Modynamite commented on 2/5/2024 6:05 AM
Dpeterson1113 commented on 2/5/2024 2:10 AM
I've wanted one for awhile
Mel jones commented on 2/4/2024 9:57 PM
wesleytattoo commented on 2/4/2024 3:12 PM
I’m down
Marshmellow commented on 2/4/2024 10:54 AM
Dpb2750 commented on 2/3/2024 9:07 PM
I'll happily take it lol
tbeadle commented on 2/3/2024 5:01 PM
Own a MR920, great pistol.
ppbbbllltt commented on 2/3/2024 2:12 PM
Roger That One commented on 2/3/2024 10:27 AM
saifassaid commented on 2/2/2024 11:35 PM
Great gun
saifassaid commented on 2/2/2024 11:33 PM
Boog2323 commented on 2/2/2024 6:10 PM
Love that Armslist does this kind of stuff.
beardedzilla commented on 2/2/2024 9:08 AM
Kellydog commented on 2/2/2024 9:04 AM
Thank you
Skeeter35 commented on 2/2/2024 7:16 AM
This be a nice birthday present to myself: )
GLBourbon commented on 2/2/2024 4:03 AM
Sounds great!!! Of course, I have never won anything. Amazing, I have known people who have won 4 or 5 times in drawings....Not Me so I am hoping this will be different. My wife won the Grand Prize 3 years in a row (Diamond Earings) at a Charity Auction. I was never close. LOL!!!
Biggreene86 commented on 2/2/2024 2:15 AM
I would love one of these... been trying to get one for a long time.....
barrymarrow21 commented on 2/1/2024 10:56 PM
I mean, a new pistol would be nice. Times are crazy and I need that extra protection.
Driver6618 commented on 2/1/2024 6:00 PM
Oh my!
DAVE DOWNEY commented on 2/1/2024 2:47 PM
Aquaman833 commented on 2/1/2024 1:47 PM
69Mach commented on 2/1/2024 10:46 AM
I could use another pistol
Ranch812 commented on 1/31/2024 7:27 PM
Pick Me - Pick Me !! What a great way to start off the year!! Thanks AL for remembering & appreciating your subscribers
jrsbob commented on 1/31/2024 7:24 PM
Include me in the drawing
Jrock2000 commented on 1/31/2024 6:51 PM
Ooooooooo I sure would like to have one of dem purdy pistols! Hook me up AL ;-*
Omar12 commented on 1/31/2024 5:08 PM
Awesome hope I win!!!!
MadzK commented on 1/31/2024 5:02 PM
Would love to be a part of this! I check armslist every day! One of my favorite places to shop!
Timp379 commented on 1/31/2024 4:34 PM
That's perfection and quality!
Brad Stelter commented on 1/31/2024 4:28 PM
Awesome HANDGUN!
RGS1 commented on 1/31/2024 4:21 PM
KSouthpaw commented on 1/31/2024 4:11 PM
Glock 49 Killer! Perfection....Finally!!
Bro_V_old commented on 1/31/2024 3:51 PM
This is beyond cool that they do this!
Kent Ellis1970 commented on 1/31/2024 2:30 PM
Would love to add one to the collection.
DAVE DOWNEY commented on 1/31/2024 2:13 PM
ericriley2004 commented on 1/31/2024 2:09 PM
B3ASTON11 commented on 1/31/2024 2:06 PM
Awesome! Never shot one before, but they seem fantastic
mzamudio commented on 1/31/2024 1:53 PM
Raider_211 commented on 1/31/2024 1:35 PM
Turk gunner commented on 1/31/2024 12:15 PM
Never owned a shadow systems but would be sweet to win never win giveaways or raffles though lol
Charlie16+17 commented on 1/31/2024 11:57 AM
Great giveaway. Awesome rig!
CDKJudoka commented on 1/31/2024 11:32 AM
Honestly, the MR920L is the perfect platform for EDC.
[email protected] commented on 1/31/2024 8:42 AM
I never win anything, this would be a nice way to change that.
Konicki08 commented on 1/31/2024 7:49 AM
Never owned a Shadow Systems but have always wanted one
adam inman commented on 1/31/2024 6:02 AM
I've got the Dr 920p elite and love it but would like a free gun lol
Manny1584 commented on 1/31/2024 2:50 AM
Oh cmon let me win!
blueidedevil commented on 1/31/2024 1:18 AM
Hey John, cool to finally see you,the creator of the best website on the internet! & w/ Ted is a huge bonus. Thanks for your awesome service. I've been here many years & will be till I can't look anymore. God bless you for what you have done for this country! Don't ever stop!
TheDarg commented on 1/31/2024 1:14 AM
Can’t wait to win!
ewgannaway commented on 1/30/2024 10:43 PM
Looks interesting
Ordie41 commented on 1/30/2024 10:11 PM
Shadow Systems makes great guns. I’ve had a MR918 and traded it locally to a guy on Armslist. I have really been considering picking up one of these 920’s. Maybe I can win one.
Causticfox23 commented on 1/30/2024 10:00 PM
I had one I regret I sold it.
Willie Randall commented on 1/30/2024 9:38 PM
Milesjm1 commented on 1/30/2024 9:13 PM
Great Prize
Eagle275 commented on 1/30/2024 9:06 PM
Pick me! LoL
Cgmgto commented on 1/30/2024 9:04 PM
Great choice for a prize
roho53 commented on 1/30/2024 8:41 PM
Armslist is a great American tradition, let the star spangled banner wave over our great country and let us protect our freedoms forever.
500MagnumBoi commented on 1/30/2024 7:46 PM
bigdawg75 commented on 1/30/2024 7:39 PM
Jon Melbert commented on 1/30/2024 7:28 PM
tony bails commented on 1/30/2024 7:22 PM
charlesc. commented on 1/30/2024 6:49 PM
Always supported armslist great company loyal customer great give away
Krush14 commented on 1/30/2024 6:48 PM
Would love these
Rich Matthews commented on 1/30/2024 6:42 PM
Love it… So fun!!
mojop79 commented on 1/30/2024 6:38 PM
Thanks for the awesome give away!
2011RaceGunz commented on 1/30/2024 6:03 PM
Mr920L for the win! Let’s Go Armslist..americas best 2A asset!!!!!
Knucklehead42 commented on 1/30/2024 5:12 PM
That's what I'm talking about.
Mcsh0662 commented on 1/30/2024 4:40 PM
That would like nice in the collection,
Edwin aboite commented on 1/30/2024 4:30 PM
Hell yeah
Jared Schmitz commented on 1/30/2024 3:13 PM
[email protected] commented on 1/30/2024 2:03 PM
Spaztheshark commented on 1/30/2024 1:58 PM
That's awesome! We appreciate you giving back to the community. I love this.
Justshootin1020 commented on 1/30/2024 1:51 PM
Now that's sharp!!
Yoda72 commented on 1/30/2024 5:36 AM
Can’t wait !!!!
Jac Flash commented on 1/29/2024 9:23 PM
Nice. I like it.
tAC_dIVE commented on 1/29/2024 8:52 PM
Arturo Sauceda commented on 1/29/2024 7:51 PM
Need this one
jack crager commented on 1/29/2024 6:28 PM
very nice,i need this in my life
Jeffycoco commented on 1/28/2024 9:23 PM
Are you automatically entered if you’re a subscriber
WT54 commented on 1/28/2024 7:28 PM
Looks grippy!
Eggs7800 commented on 1/28/2024 3:49 PM
Who do we enter?
the-cat commented on 1/28/2024 3:31 PM
[email protected] commented on 1/28/2024 2:46 PM
Zenobia Fuller commented on 1/28/2024 12:43 PM
Oh wow......... that's nice! ❤️
Ragnarok43 commented on 1/27/2024 10:59 PM
I really want to win
eillob commented on 1/27/2024 9:06 PM
Very nice pistol, how do we enter?
bjermane21 commented on 1/27/2024 6:09 PM
Never mind! Reading is fundamental lol!
bjermane21 commented on 1/27/2024 6:08 PM
Awesome! How do we enter?
svrider12 commented on 1/27/2024 12:24 PM
Jay Truelock commented on 1/27/2024 9:11 AM
Nice looking tool.
Yoda72 commented on 1/27/2024 1:03 AM
Awesome with Timney trigger installed!!!
YuccaMan commented on 1/27/2024 12:17 AM
Nice pistol!!
GunGuy0 commented on 1/26/2024 10:24 PM
shadow Systems are awesome good luck everyone!!!
Mel commented on 1/26/2024 5:32 PM
Shadow Systems is one cool gun
bcase135 commented on 1/26/2024 5:00 PM
that is a sweet gun love the shadow systems firearms.
Mp31bravo67 commented on 1/26/2024 4:47 PM
I'm your huckleberry
William Sorrosa commented on 1/26/2024 3:43 PM
Lets go
Jaycarter052 commented on 1/26/2024 2:31 PM
Nice job getting the partnership. Hoping to be lucky in the drawing.
larry thomas commented on 1/26/2024 11:37 AM
"pick me" !!! (*-*)
hunterken56 commented on 1/26/2024 11:02 AM
Good luck everyone!
matteuccimark commented on 1/26/2024 9:30 AM
Aww yeah
Lane Ferrence commented on 1/26/2024 8:22 AM
That's sweet looking
Cheryll mckimm commented on 1/26/2024 7:02 AM
Would love to have that in my range bag.
deltoro1970 commented on 1/26/2024 4:02 AM
Would always be happy to make room to another member to my family.
logo1993 commented on 1/26/2024 3:32 AM
Give me Give mee
Johnnie Pick commented on 1/26/2024 1:37 AM
Would make a great addition to my collection!
101_13b commented on 1/26/2024 12:54 AM
joseph roeder commented on 1/25/2024 10:50 PM
Nice.... can wait until it's sitting in my safe
mechanic commented on 1/25/2024 8:59 PM
That looks like a nice competition shooter.
Hockettjoe$ commented on 1/25/2024 8:50 PM
Beautiful piece
Andra913 commented on 1/25/2024 8:27 PM
It would be an blessing!
Jaymitchell19 commented on 1/25/2024 8:26 PM
Very cool
Tzirk8 commented on 1/25/2024 8:05 PM
Hardrock37 commented on 1/25/2024 7:39 PM
Jameson850 commented on 1/25/2024 7:19 PM
Of course it would be the biggest blessing so far of this year to win this bad boi ❤️
Ebaker25 commented on 1/25/2024 7:10 PM
Very nice
Will Hougen commented on 1/25/2024 7:02 PM
I like it!
RoninLLC commented on 1/25/2024 6:56 PM
scotw commented on 1/25/2024 6:46 PM
JeepXJ commented on 1/25/2024 6:39 PM
Would be nice
JNIC1031 commented on 1/25/2024 6:32 PM
MadzK commented on 1/25/2024 6:31 PM
This would be awesome!!
Possumjr423 commented on 1/25/2024 6:26 PM
I’ve never won any of these things so it’d be sweet haha
ppbbbllltt commented on 1/25/2024 6:15 PM
Here's hoping
Whatcha Doing commented on 1/25/2024 6:10 PM
Ohh yesssss!
yodeldog commented on 1/25/2024 6:06 PM
SPARKY 683 commented on 1/25/2024 5:54 PM
nice very nice
CAMPERGolf commented on 1/25/2024 5:48 PM
Very nice would love to have it
Whiteji1 commented on 1/25/2024 5:36 PM
Very nice. Just what I need!
Matthew Wohlberg commented on 1/25/2024 5:31 PM
That'll look great in my collection.
AtomicPanda commented on 1/25/2024 5:23 PM
Ooo that looks nice
Shooter23323 commented on 1/25/2024 5:19 PM
I've been wanting one of those!
Pmd commented on 1/25/2024 5:16 PM
BrittPLC commented on 1/25/2024 5:15 PM
Nice. Send it this way :)
101ssg commented on 1/25/2024 5:10 PM
Dereck77! commented on 1/25/2024 5:03 PM
Sweet piece!
zanderdaddy commented on 1/25/2024 4:50 PM
Its Pretty alright!
kings8 commented on 1/25/2024 4:44 PM
Love it!
Knucklehead42 commented on 1/25/2024 4:42 PM
Very nice piece
SirStanley commented on 1/25/2024 4:39 PM
Drinkdoctor commented on 1/25/2024 4:37 PM
Would like to win, but most of these contests are BS
Mfleming commented on 1/25/2024 4:36 PM
Mike Carter commented on 1/25/2024 4:30 PM
Wont hold my breath but would love to add it to my collection.
Tim Kirkman commented on 1/25/2024 4:24 PM
BrandTheMan commented on 1/25/2024 4:18 PM
This mines.
mike perin commented on 1/25/2024 4:16 PM
jp0078 commented on 1/25/2024 4:07 PM
I never win these things but you never know
cangokidd commented on 1/25/2024 4:00 PM
Love CZ products only have long guns would be nice to have one of these.
TitaniumButtcheeks commented on 1/25/2024 3:56 PM
Melvin Jones commented on 1/25/2024 3:54 PM
Let's do this. I'm in. I'm a winner.
REV.G commented on 1/25/2024 3:51 PM
In lol …. Looking forward to a win !
mdhaynes50 commented on 1/25/2024 3:40 PM
Of course FB blocked my share
Kevin Moakley commented on 1/25/2024 3:39 PM
No thanks.
mdhaynes50 commented on 1/25/2024 3:37 PM
I have been a Sig Legion diehard for years but since trying the MR918 I'm really torn. Count me in!!
roc1900 commented on 1/25/2024 3:36 PM
Right here ! Here I am
Mando129 commented on 1/25/2024 3:30 PM
Oooweeee 24’ off to a great start
Marshmellow commented on 1/25/2024 3:28 PM
Call me a generic movie hacker, because I'm in
simms75 commented on 1/25/2024 3:28 PM
I'm always in.
aklusman commented on 1/25/2024 3:20 PM
I'm in
Watika9 commented on 1/25/2024 3:18 PM
I never win these things but you never know
Kellydog commented on 1/25/2024 3:17 PM
Would love to have this one
jetsman commented on 1/25/2024 3:17 PM
Awesome piece
lilcruiser commented on 1/25/2024 3:11 PM
Someone is going to be a happy camper!
nova 50 commented on 1/25/2024 3:10 PM
sweet looking weapon..
Jm3907 commented on 1/25/2024 3:07 PM
Very nice
Brian R Braaten commented on 1/25/2024 2:59 PM
Looks like another Glock, not bad for free right?
Rickb44 commented on 1/25/2024 2:47 PM
Very nice weapon
Pizzalay commented on 1/25/2024 2:41 PM
militaryguy50 commented on 1/25/2024 2:37 PM
Very cool gun.
ColtsFinest commented on 1/25/2024 2:36 PM
Awesome!! Let’s go!
Bamafan1911 commented on 1/25/2024 2:35 PM
Very nice!!
Jfquon commented on 1/25/2024 2:33 PM
Great gun! I'm In...
[email protected] commented on 1/25/2024 2:32 PM
Refmec commented on 1/25/2024 2:31 PM
Great contest! Nice gun! Thanks for staying in the fight AL! 2A till the end.
TheFinalEntity commented on 1/25/2024 2:31 PM
That is a nice firearm. Good luck to all the other participants as well!
Aaron4119 commented on 1/25/2024 2:28 PM
Love the Gun
Mbrannan commented on 1/25/2024 2:18 PM
Sounds cool
Z282000 commented on 1/25/2024 2:18 PM
Great! I hope I win.
Rharper1185 commented on 1/25/2024 2:17 PM
Very nice giveaway
bnswatts commented on 1/25/2024 2:16 PM
Sashimi commented on 1/25/2024 2:15 PM
Katie Alvarez commented on 1/25/2024 2:14 PM
Sounds great I never win anything other than ovarian cancer and breast cancer. But I wish everyone the best and have a wonderful year.
Sgt Barkley commented on 1/25/2024 2:14 PM
Nice looking handgun.
Choquette commented on 1/25/2024 2:13 PM
Kmart85 commented on 1/25/2024 2:11 PM
Sounds good
45Raven commented on 1/25/2024 2:11 PM
Thanks to Armslist and Legion Arms for such a great and generous giveaway!
Thirdtrip2 commented on 1/25/2024 2:11 PM
Sick, great giveaway!
hockey632 commented on 1/25/2024 2:11 PM
Scorp40 commented on 1/25/2024 2:11 PM
Sks225 commented on 1/25/2024 2:10 PM
Love Shadow Systems! Good luck peeps.
jgray4567 commented on 1/25/2024 2:10 PM
Once again ARMSLIST is proving they are the best online marketplace for everything 2A!
Damian Evans commented on 1/25/2024 2:09 PM
Beautiful giveaway.
Rthrog commented on 1/25/2024 2:08 PM
Awesome giveaway!
WarMaster48 commented on 1/25/2024 2:08 PM
I like it... Thanks legion arms...
WinchesterJD commented on 1/25/2024 2:08 PM
Nice design
Shept713 commented on 1/25/2024 2:06 PM
Be a nice gun in the collection!
JBs_Garage commented on 1/25/2024 2:06 PM
I really enjoy the entire Shadow System line up.
crmcyber commented on 1/25/2024 2:05 PM
I have heard a lot great things about Shadow Systems firearms. Would love to have one. Please
Kennedy65 commented on 1/25/2024 2:04 PM
Must want!
thepoedaddy commented on 1/25/2024 2:04 PM
Beautiful gun. It would look great on my belt
OMEGA2023 commented on 1/25/2024 2:04 PM
Am excited!!!
Jasonevans793 commented on 1/25/2024 2:03 PM
I need this asap
Dillon217 commented on 1/25/2024 2:03 PM
Jpwillis commented on 1/25/2024 2:02 PM
I’m in…. Let’s go
Astros commented on 1/25/2024 2:02 PM
Rumleyhunter commented on 1/25/2024 2:02 PM
My buddy has this. I’d like to win one too!
peterkviser commented on 1/25/2024 1:59 PM
This can be fun.
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