Olight Valkyrie PL-3 - First Impressions
created: 12/27/2022 12:34 PM in GEAR

Olight PL-3 Valkyrie - First Impressions

If you’re looking for a new option for a pistol light, you are spoiled for choice. But the new PL-3 Valkyrie from Olight is one you need to consider. Packed with features, high on performance, and competitively priced, this is an offering sure to sit at the top of choices for weapon lights. 

The Valkyrie allows new flexibility in mounting options due to its innovative mounting designGone is the typical QD lever and in its place a more traditional tension screw setup. But the really great part of this mounting system is the sliding notch that sits in the middle. This allows the user to move the locking notch, accommodating a much wider array of rails. And to add to this, both the Glock type notch as well as an M1913 Picatinny notch are included, so your options for mounting are virtually limitless. The PL-3 Valkyrie is also powered by two CR123 batteries instead of the usual USB charged internal battery, and the battery compartment is opened in seconds. 

Our test example came with a nice anodized FDE finish with no defects, the plastic for the activation buttons feels robust and like it could take a good knock. We felt the markings on the light were just a little too loud, we would have preferred them to be black or another shade of FDE to blend a little bit more, but this doesn’t really detract from the appeal of the light. 

When fully juiced up the PL-3 Valkyrie throws out 1300 lumens to a claimed distance of 225 meters. We didn’t have that much room to test distance, but it did do a great job of lighting up the opposite side of our warehouse. The PL-3 Valkyrie also has several modes to suit the user's purpose and needs at the time. There are two levels of light, with a 200 lumen option to compliment the full 1300 should you need less light. A simple double tap of either button handles this. A strobe mode can also be switched on to maximize the effect of the light on a target. Holding one button in and tapping the other engages the strobe. The buttons of course have the defacto standard push and hold for momentary and tap for constant on function, and the button function is ambidextrous, including turning the strobe on. There is an automated timed heat protection feature that after so much time of constant on will reduce the output without user input as well, this serves also to prolong the battery life should you need light for that amount of time. 

Ultimately, the Olight PL-3 Valkyrie is a light that punches well above its price range. It’s features match that of lights that cost twice the amount, has more features than some of those more expensive alternatives, and is sure to be a useful tool for anyone looking for a solid pistol light at a killer price.  You can pick yours up today at https://www.olightstore.com/pl-3-valkyrie-rail-mount-light.html.


created: 12/27/2022 12:34 PM in GEAR

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