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created: 2/29/2024 1:39 PM in GEAR

With the planet on the brink of WWIII, the world truly is a MAD place.  In light of this, is proud to announce the March Madness Giveaway! 

We'll be picking one lucky winner EACH DAY IN MARCH to win an ammo can filled with Armslist swag, gear and more!

One lucky Grand Prize winner will receive a bugout package including a Smith & Wesson FPC 9 folding carbine, Holosun SCRS solar powered red dot sight, USGI Molle Field Pack (to carry all your bugout gear), and an ammo can filled with gear and Armslist swag!  

As always, all Armslist Premium Personal subscribers are automatically eligible to win! 

Not an Armslist Premium Personal subscriber? 




3/1 -  Brandon S. 

3/2 -  Kevin P.

3/3 - Harrison C.

3/4 -  Jason H.

3/5 - Darryl M.

3/6 - Scott C.

3/7 - Bruce P.

3/8 - Nathaniel S. 

3/9 - John L.

3/10 - William R.

3/11 - John B.

3/12 - Jason B.

3/13 - Brown H.

3/14 - Austin H.

3/15 - Michael S.

3/16 - Ben K.

3/17 - Russell P.

3/18 - Rory D.

3/19 - Shad C.

3/20 - Derald W.

3/21 - Bryan Y.

3/22 - Dewayne M.

3/23 - Adrian B.

3/24 - Jose N.

3/25 - Steve W.

3/27 - Howard M.

3/28 - Jeffrey C.

3/29 - Scott V.

3/30 - Ronald A.

3/31 - Chris V.

To read more about giveaway eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions click here.  One Ammo Can Winner will be drawn each day in March, with the Grand Prize Winner being drawn on March 29th 2024.

created: 2/29/2024 1:39 PM in GEAR

J.Shaffer commented on 3/29/2024 11:43 PM
You can never be too prepared
AuggiesRE commented on 3/29/2024 3:59 PM
guns&gears commented on 3/27/2024 9:54 AM
I am interested in your contest
MR.DND commented on 3/27/2024 4:07 AM
That smith and Wesson sure is looking nice
DanielBrown23 commented on 3/26/2024 10:00 PM
It’s my birthday! Pick me!
DanielBrown23 commented on 3/26/2024 9:59 PM
Pick me
Baskethead69 commented on 3/26/2024 9:50 PM
Im guessin its you Baylee77, I haven't received anything yet haha..... Good luck!! to all the winners!!
sfultz74 commented on 3/26/2024 8:50 PM
i hope i win!!!!!!
Anthony Shirley commented on 3/26/2024 8:03 PM
Andra913 commented on 3/26/2024 7:51 PM
Let get the winners!!!!! Congrats fellas!!!!
MrBiggg commented on 3/26/2024 5:57 PM
Pick me!!!!
born to be free commented on 3/26/2024 5:54 PM
Thanks guys. I got a call from my wife. What did you order this time? Nothing. Well you have a box here from Armslist. Got home and was like hey I was just talking about buying some more ammo cans. Much appreciated guys.
Jesse420 commented on 3/26/2024 4:54 PM
ready2play commented on 3/26/2024 3:55 PM
I actually WANT a vegetarian MRE. Those were the best ones.
MarksMan2369 commented on 3/26/2024 1:44 PM
Put me in, Coach!
DJ_S commented on 3/25/2024 8:22 PM
Look at her, that beautiful ammo can. Such a firm and cool box.
Andra913 commented on 3/23/2024 10:12 PM
Congrats on todays winner!!!!
ANRob91 commented on 3/23/2024 1:05 AM
Really needing a win guys, hope I win!
Andra913 commented on 3/22/2024 4:33 PM
Congrats again fellas!
rphariss commented on 3/22/2024 1:09 AM
Congrats to the daily winners.
Dguns92 commented on 3/21/2024 10:09 PM
Thanks I finally won something I am thankful armslist your the best.
ghost0309 commented on 3/21/2024 7:03 PM
Haven't had an actual MRE in almost 8 years, would love some new eats!
BYoung75 commented on 3/21/2024 4:28 PM
Arrived home today to see a package a package on my porch from Armslist! Pretty awesome, Thanks
Andra913 commented on 3/20/2024 6:47 PM
butter commented on 3/20/2024 11:49 AM
Good luck
Tucker42 commented on 3/19/2024 7:59 PM
Win me
Turk gunner commented on 3/19/2024 11:30 AM
Be sweet to win
SCRenegade commented on 3/19/2024 10:04 AM
Dangit! I want one!
Lexington315 commented on 3/19/2024 12:17 AM
Lets go
butter commented on 3/16/2024 12:31 PM
Wow, went out to the porch. Seen a box with Armslist on it. Thanks for the gear Armslist.
SMOKEDIVER36 commented on 3/16/2024 10:52 AM
Holy cow, I had no idea. Walked out on the porch this morning to find a box marked Armslist and the classic Christmas Story scene popped in my head. "It's a major award and I won it", thank you Armslist for making my day.
lxanth5 commented on 3/16/2024 8:42 AM
Congrats winners
Drewnk commented on 3/15/2024 1:21 PM
Super excited !! Let's do it.
Jennife Evans commented on 3/15/2024 8:46 AM
chizzelfingers commented on 3/15/2024 8:22 AM
I love armlist
Jcarmona97 commented on 3/13/2024 10:14 PM
lets get it!
Carolinagundad commented on 3/13/2024 9:47 PM
Let’s do this
Johnnie Pick commented on 3/13/2024 8:05 PM
Let’s keep the winners rolling!
Operator73102 commented on 3/13/2024 4:23 PM
Always a winner using Armslist
Raider_211 commented on 3/12/2024 11:09 PM
I hope it’s tacos.
logan24 commented on 3/12/2024 10:35 PM
I bet I win the vegetarian MRE…
blueidedevil commented on 3/12/2024 9:23 PM
I was listening to 1280am The Patriot (pretty sure that's what it was) & heard the them talking about Armslist- It's Kickass that ya'll are on the radio now! I tell A LOT of people about A.L at the gun stores & see people I have told that have become members & they say that it's the best thing ever. I'm proud to be a part of what ya'll are doing for the 2A community/ America.
Bonedaddy630 commented on 3/12/2024 8:54 PM
I'm pretty sure I won for 3/10. Anything I need to do?
rustycrystal86 commented on 3/12/2024 7:27 PM
Good luck
K tnmiller commented on 3/12/2024 6:44 PM
I've been with you guys off and on for for many years I never went nothing I wish I would win something
[email protected] commented on 3/12/2024 5:56 PM
Good to see people winning. Better to be one of the people winning, though!
Khotch commented on 3/12/2024 5:17 PM
When’s the next drawing
Asemer commented on 3/12/2024 5:16 PM
Pick me lol!!
Cv6969 commented on 3/12/2024 5:08 PM
Are the winners picked at random ?
equinox44 commented on 3/12/2024 4:58 PM
enter me pls
Michael Brittingham commented on 3/12/2024 4:37 PM
Big Time Grumpy commented on 3/12/2024 4:24 PM
Congrats to all the winners thus far!
William Hinish commented on 3/12/2024 4:06 PM
Congratulations to all the lucky winners so far.
Autigers370z commented on 3/11/2024 11:24 PM
DZOH commented on 3/11/2024 10:19 PM
B.Singleton commented on 3/11/2024 8:16 PM
Talk about a great giveaway
Baylee77 commented on 3/11/2024 12:14 PM
Seems to be two Scott C's? Baskethead69 Baylee77
Baylee77 commented on 3/11/2024 12:00 PM
How do I claim my prize?
Bob Belo commented on 3/11/2024 10:12 AM
I wonder when the giveaway will continue? All I see is eight winners, now it’s the eleventh day of March?
Johnnie Pick commented on 3/10/2024 6:38 PM
Congratulations to the first 8!!
RudyMoon commented on 3/10/2024 6:38 PM
Thank! Good luck to all of you!
Carolinagundad commented on 3/10/2024 5:08 PM
Good luck
butter commented on 3/10/2024 3:31 PM
Good Luck
Jay8544 commented on 3/10/2024 5:34 AM
Good luck!
Dontlookpapi commented on 3/9/2024 9:39 PM
Good luck, errbody!
BYoung75 commented on 3/9/2024 4:34 PM
23 days left!
William Myers commented on 3/9/2024 3:34 PM
It would be great to win
ccarter51 commented on 3/9/2024 2:04 PM
Man I've had such bad luck lately, winning would give me some positive vibes that I need!
Bubba21 commented on 3/9/2024 1:38 PM
Good luck
MotorBreath603 commented on 3/9/2024 7:26 AM
Hope I win something!
Kellydog commented on 3/9/2024 7:10 AM
Thank you for the chance to win
lxanth5 commented on 3/9/2024 5:03 AM
Good luck!
Raider_211 commented on 3/9/2024 1:15 AM
ManOfSteel1985 commented on 3/8/2024 11:31 PM
I could use that holosun
Dguns92 commented on 3/8/2024 11:29 PM
I pray I finally win something for once that would be nice.
Pwaddell24 commented on 3/8/2024 10:39 PM
Good luck everyone!
Jacob-p commented on 3/8/2024 10:05 PM
I’m in let’s go!!!
Bob Belo commented on 3/8/2024 9:34 PM
I sure hope to win!
equinox44 commented on 3/8/2024 9:31 PM
put me in
Andra913 commented on 3/8/2024 9:24 PM
Congrats to all yall!!!
strawberryman1 commented on 3/8/2024 9:16 PM
Oh yes, sign me up Lad!
hunter sellars commented on 3/8/2024 9:08 PM
Let's go
Refmec commented on 3/8/2024 8:52 PM
So ready for the swag!
ROBBO^65 commented on 3/8/2024 8:46 PM
Baskethead69 commented on 3/8/2024 8:44 PM
Yea, Scott C., THats ME!!!
[email protected] commented on 3/8/2024 8:28 PM
I'd take a chili mac MRE
Bobdeb98 commented on 3/8/2024 8:22 PM
Im in
Sdub419 commented on 3/8/2024 8:10 PM
Thirdtrip2 commented on 3/8/2024 8:06 PM
Shooter23323 commented on 3/8/2024 8:05 PM
I’m in!
KennyThompson commented on 3/8/2024 7:57 PM
I’m in sign me up and congrats to the winners so far
timhill100 commented on 3/8/2024 7:40 PM
congrats to the winners
Western83 commented on 3/8/2024 7:37 PM
Just one MRE please!
click9 commented on 3/8/2024 7:34 PM
I'm in!
DDillard commented on 3/8/2024 7:33 PM
I'm in
ppbbbllltt commented on 3/8/2024 7:33 PM
greg conn commented on 3/8/2024 7:32 PM
let's goooo!!!!! I'm in!
DanielBrown23 commented on 3/8/2024 7:32 PM
Put me in coach!
Sergiosg1980 commented on 3/8/2024 7:32 PM
Sign me up!!
Mark A Stolp Jr commented on 3/8/2024 1:23 PM
I'm in!
Perkey6141 commented on 3/8/2024 10:39 AM
Put me in
Searay210br commented on 3/8/2024 8:49 AM
Put me in coach!
pkuhinck commented on 3/7/2024 4:32 PM
I would like one please
GunsRUs710 commented on 3/7/2024 3:08 PM
I’m in!
3usa200 commented on 3/7/2024 10:05 AM
I’m in!
Chris richter commented on 3/6/2024 11:24 PM
I'm in
cjcox2 commented on 3/6/2024 9:32 PM
I’m in!
Milsyrupguy commented on 3/6/2024 4:44 PM
So do I just comment to enter?
GunGuy0 commented on 3/6/2024 4:12 PM
Awesome giveaways good luck everyone!!
locknload24 commented on 3/6/2024 1:26 PM
Sweet!! 1 win in the column with a mystery box.. let's see if we can get a big win at the end! Thanks Armslist
[email protected] commented on 3/6/2024 8:22 AM
Genesis5. 0 commented on 3/6/2024 12:35 AM
Awesome giveaway! I love Armslist!!
Kezcub1911 commented on 3/5/2024 8:48 PM
Great gear
Papastrap commented on 3/5/2024 1:35 PM
Johnnie Pick commented on 3/5/2024 12:28 AM
Great Giveaway!
Emotorsc commented on 3/4/2024 9:55 PM
Very nice
GLSmith commented on 3/4/2024 7:42 PM
Atoves commented on 3/4/2024 1:44 PM
ccarter51 commented on 3/4/2024 11:59 AM
It would be absolutely amazing and awesome to win! Please pick me!
Bucsfan87 commented on 3/4/2024 8:21 AM
I would love to win
Nicescotty commented on 3/3/2024 6:51 PM
Nice giveaway!
Scottk1313 commented on 3/3/2024 3:20 PM
Let me win at least one day !!
ChadTB commented on 3/3/2024 10:57 AM
Lets see the magic.
pwguenther commented on 3/3/2024 9:22 AM
Oh buddy I am EXCITED!
MasonArmand commented on 3/3/2024 9:03 AM
so we just need an account to be entered?
Mel commented on 3/3/2024 3:09 AM
Let her rip!
Pynentglobal commented on 3/3/2024 12:41 AM
lets go ! That carbine is slick
hunter sellars commented on 3/2/2024 9:05 PM
Oh boy I'd runrunrunrun that puppy..
billcollector08 commented on 3/2/2024 6:47 PM
please i need that FPC
Hutzelljr commented on 3/2/2024 6:14 PM
Let's see if a month's worth of luck is able to pull me in a win! I am not even wanting the carbine honestly, I've been looking into optics and would love to win the red dot!
Taral S commented on 3/2/2024 6:10 PM
Bring on the prizes!!!
Sergiosg1980 commented on 3/2/2024 5:30 PM
Let’s do it!!
Daniel Frazier commented on 3/2/2024 4:09 PM
Put me in
billy.ledbetter commented on 3/2/2024 2:19 PM
Send It!
stangdude89 commented on 3/2/2024 11:32 AM
I'm in
[email protected] commented on 3/2/2024 11:21 AM
Ready to win.
Drumeaterking commented on 3/2/2024 11:17 AM
Nice, hope I’m a lucky one this month!
copdoc372 commented on 3/2/2024 11:01 AM
TCK01 commented on 3/2/2024 10:38 AM
Thanks Armslist!
Mbarefoot commented on 3/2/2024 8:43 AM
I’m in
tom&sarahtogetherforever! commented on 3/2/2024 7:34 AM
zynfyr commented on 3/2/2024 5:38 AM
I'm in!
Warwind commented on 3/2/2024 4:46 AM
Onelargefry commented on 3/2/2024 2:08 AM
Kp272 commented on 3/2/2024 12:53 AM
Nuke513 commented on 3/2/2024 12:34 AM
Harry90 commented on 3/2/2024 12:14 AM
Lord willing maybe ill win this, especially how things have , butt good luck to everyone else in the drawing may you be blessed
IsBrandon commented on 3/1/2024 11:52 PM
Awesome i hope i win
J81373 commented on 3/1/2024 11:51 PM
Swag me!
kujiin commented on 3/1/2024 11:38 PM
Mel commented on 3/1/2024 11:27 PM
Judd86 commented on 3/1/2024 11:16 PM
Jarhedd75 commented on 3/1/2024 10:57 PM
Roger that!
locknload24 commented on 3/1/2024 10:29 PM
Nice! Let's put 1 in the win column
flash1 commented on 3/1/2024 10:23 PM
fenton1969 commented on 3/1/2024 10:14 PM
I never win! Maybe this time!
astroguy1 commented on 3/1/2024 10:07 PM
I'm in!
Raider_211 commented on 3/1/2024 10:05 PM
Bring it
cmack4349 commented on 3/1/2024 10:01 PM
mattayee commented on 3/1/2024 9:57 PM
wayneo84 commented on 3/1/2024 9:43 PM
Awesome give away! Would love to win!
usmc4ever92 commented on 3/1/2024 9:22 PM
Let's gooooooo!
Blueskies~ commented on 3/1/2024 9:21 PM
Nice! How exciting! :-)
yodeldog commented on 3/1/2024 9:19 PM
Great package.
Refmec commented on 3/1/2024 9:12 PM
Love the contests! Keep up the good fight! Thanks armslist 2A
[email protected] commented on 3/1/2024 9:10 PM
Go ahead and send it... My address is....
Numbnuts commented on 3/1/2024 9:09 PM
Put me in Coach!
Jeff Gaines commented on 3/1/2024 9:01 PM
Shot in the dark commented on 3/1/2024 9:01 PM
Hope I win something. But my user name says it all.
sniper001 commented on 3/1/2024 9:00 PM
Wow, sure looks like a lot of fun. Come home to daddy.
trucksurfer commented on 3/1/2024 8:40 PM
Woo Hoo!!
Shane_The_alien commented on 3/1/2024 8:36 PM
Good Luck Everybody! :)
JesusCrix commented on 3/1/2024 8:35 PM
Let the games begin!
Timp379 commented on 3/1/2024 8:28 PM
I'm definitely in!!
jayoutdoors75 commented on 3/1/2024 8:26 PM
Good Luck to everyone!
thepoedaddy commented on 3/1/2024 8:26 PM
Lets win
Chad Allred commented on 3/1/2024 8:24 PM
I’m in!
Bob Belo commented on 3/1/2024 8:22 PM
New member and pleased to be here!
whitedemon commented on 3/1/2024 8:17 PM
I could use a win that’s for sure to many loses thanks mike
equinox44 commented on 3/1/2024 8:16 PM
put me in
Lsolinger commented on 3/1/2024 8:08 PM
Awesome giveaway. Appreciate the opportunity.
SandyUmphress commented on 3/1/2024 8:05 PM
Mars10 commented on 3/1/2024 8:04 PM
Pick me!
Clumsy boater commented on 3/1/2024 8:03 PM
You can't beat free
hiramc7 commented on 3/1/2024 8:02 PM
Pick MEEEEEEE! lol
BB Hewie commented on 3/1/2024 7:26 PM
I've been a armslist fan since I found out about your website. I have bought and sold on here this is the best place to find what you are looking for. Thanks armslist!!!!!
Andra913 commented on 3/1/2024 4:54 PM
Jesse9721 commented on 3/1/2024 10:23 AM
Would love to add this to mine and my wife's bugout bag it is a fine peice of firearm engineering!
bill95747 commented on 3/1/2024 9:28 AM
Some March Madness I can get behind!
ccarter51 commented on 2/29/2024 11:00 PM
With everything that's been going on in my life lately with my Father having a heart attack and I being his caretaker, winning would give me glimmer of hope and help boost my moral. I just need something good to happen!
racer60m commented on 2/29/2024 5:47 PM
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