First Impressions: Stribog SP9a3G Carbine
created: 7/6/2023 2:50 PM in GEAR

First Impressions: Grand Power Stribog SP9A3G Carbine With AKB Folding Stock

The Grand Power Stribog SP9a3G Carbine, or “SCARBOG” as I’ll be referring to it from here on out, is an impressive and versatile PCC.  The model we were sent courtesy of, is the SP9A3G 16" Carbine with the AREX Defense AKB Side Folding Stock in FDE.  

First things first on this model of SCARBOG:  Yes, it takes Glock mags!  Being that I basically have a full-on treasure chest full of 9mm Glock mags, I was able to test a variety of Glock mags in the gun from the included Magpul PMAG 27 GL9 mag, an ETS Carbon Smoke 32 round mag, and Glock factory 33 and 17 rounders.  It ran like a top using all of the above mags with a variety of 9mm ammo including 115gr and 124gr FMJs, and even 150gr Syntech totaling about 500 rounds in all.

The roller delayed blowback system with non-reciprocating charging handle makes the SCARBOG an absolute delight to shoot.  The recoil impulse is next to none, making it very easy to place quick follow up shots on target, especially with this version’s new flat-faced trigger with about a 4.5lb trigger pull weight.  While I wasn’t able to test it suppressed with the ½ x 28 threaded barrel, I can only imagine it would be an even softer shooting gun with a can on the end of it.  Using the included extended handguard (which I wish was also another flavor of “FDE,” to keep with the SCARBOG theme), I was able to extend my hand out to a very comfortable c-clamp position, making accurately swinging from target to target at speed a breeze.

The FDE AREX Defense AKB side folding stock is a near carbon copy of the now discontinued Magpul ACR stock (RIP), and is one of the more comfortable stocks (to me anyways) out there.  The AKB side folding stock features 7 telescoping positions, as well as 2 locking cheek weld positions, with one raising your weld about a half-inch for higher mounted optics.  I definitely found the increased half-inch helpful when using the Holosun AEMS I mounted for testing, giving a more natural position on the gun.  My only gripe with the AKB is that it really enjoys ripping beard hair out.


Another great feature of the SCARBOG is the fact that it is fully ambidextrous.  Everything from the non-reciprocating charging handle, to the bolt stop/release (which is oddly reminiscent of an AK safety), and safety are fully ambidextrous, not only making it great for both left and right handed shooters, but also for competition shooters that may run into situations where shooting offhand is advantageous.

My complaints about the gun are extremely limited and minor, boiling down to three things:

  1. The handguard doesn’t match the rest of the gun.
  2. Some of the controls are a bit stiff.
  3. The ATF.

I would love to see the gun in an all semi-matched FDE, to really give it that true SCAR look.  In terms of the stiffness of some of the controls, I’m sure this is just a break in issue.  As for the ATF, well, they need to be abolished along with the NFA so I can legally and rightfully own this weapon in its truest form with an 8” barrel, and the AKB stock without having to file any redundant paperwork, or submit fingerprints. 

That all being said, the SP9a3G carbine is a fantastic PCC, and is perfectly suited to be an out of the box PCC competition rifle. With its soft recoil impulse from the roller delayed blowback system, the AKB stock, use of the ubiquitous and affordable Glock 9MM double stack magazines, and the non-reciprocating charging handle, the SP9a3G carbine ranks extremely well against the likes of its competition.  I can wholeheartedly recommend it, and can’t wait to get some more time on the range with it, especially now that ammo prices are coming back to earth. 

You can buy yours today from here!

created: 7/6/2023 2:50 PM in GEAR

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