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Civivi Knives - First Look
created: 4/20/2023 12:05 PM in GEAR

Civivi Knives - First Look

Whether you are looking for your first pocket knife, or are an avid knife collector - Civivi is sure to please, and is certainly one of the top-tier budget friendly folding knife options on the market. We recently received two knives from Civivi: the Chevalier, and the Elementum Button Lock. The Chevalier and The Button Lock Elementum are compact, perfect EDC options that can easily fit in a pocket and stay there with the help of the very sturdy reversible pocket clips. The pocket clips are quite perfect.  Tight enough that the knife stays secured to whatever it's attached to, but forgiving enough that you're not ripping your pants pocket trying to get it on and off.

Also included with both Civivi knives were some nice zippered carrying cases, that included a polishing cloth, a quick-start guide (for a lack of a better term), information about their lifetime warranty, and a couple of pretty cool stickers!

The Chevalier is a beautiful button lock flipper with a sheepsfoot blade. It's open length is 7.87", with a closed length of 4.41", and a blade length of 3.46". The blade thickness is 0.12", while the handle thickness is 0.52". The knife came quite well sharpened, and flipping the blade open is smooth and seamless.  

Weighing in at 3.47 oz, the Chevalier is light enough that it's not a burden to carry, but heavy enough that you know it's there. The sheepsfoot blade is made from 14C28N steel, with a black, stonewashed finish. The handle is Micarta, with a dark, greenish hue to the finish.  Again, it is a perfect EDC knife, at an excellent price.  As of writing this article, Civivi is charging $84.10.  Get yours here!

The Elementum Button Lock, while similar in operation to the Chevalier, forgoes the finger tab to help flip the knife open (be careful, in some jurisdictions it could be considered a gravity knife...consult your local law enforcement before purchasing/carrying). The damascus blade is absolutely stunning, especially paired with the marbled carbon fiber finish of the handle.  Like the Chevalier, the damascus blade on the Elementum Button Lock came very well sharpened.

Its open length is 8", with a closed length of 4.53", and a blade length of 3.47". The damascus drop point blade has a thickness is 0.12", while the handle thickness is 0.43". The marbled carbon fiber handle on the knife lends it self to it weighing in at a mere 3.19 oz.  The Elementum Button Lock is another gorgeous and tremendous knife for the money at only $126.  

The Civivi slogan of "Made Better," rings true with these knives.  They are incredibly well made for the price point, very easy on the eyes, well weighted, versatile, and incredibly functional as an EDC knife.  We wholeheartedly put our stamp of approval on both knives, and look forward to seeing what Civivi comes out with in the future!  You can get the Chevalier here, and the Elementum Button Lock here.


created: 4/20/2023 12:05 PM in GEAR

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