The CZ-82 is a compact pistol chambered in 9mm Makarov, or 9x18mm. It was designed for the Czechoslovakian military when the Soviet Union standardized to the 9x18mm round. The pistol is a double action/single action design, meaning that the first shot is a heavy double action and each subsequent shot is a short single action pull. It holds a 12 round magazine and has an ambidextrous magazine release and safety. The slide release is on the left side of the frame. It is probably the best of the old Commie guns, and one of the all time best pistols ever made. Was the replacement for the CZ52 service pistol. Extremely overbuilt with real steel. Seems in very good functional condition. Has significant finish wear as shown (no pitting or rust). Super smooth trigger. Includes 1 magazine. Compact design and good for conceal carry. Additional original CZ mags are only $33.00 each and if ordered with the pistol will be included with no additional shipping charge. Totally reliable and safe design. Very accurate. Has high tech polygonal "rifling" (not regular rifling). This model is also very sought after by preppers as a great armageddon gun. It supposedly can safetly shoot 9X18, .380acp and 9mm luger. I don't recommend that you fire any caliber other than 9x18, but my understanding is that it is safe to use the other calibers. Very cool pistol. So much so that I am keeping one for myself (Don't tell my wife). Do that at solely your own risk.

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