For sale is a nice condition PSL 7.62x54r semi-auto.  It comes with one mag and the sling attached, nothing more.  Finish looks good with a few marks here and there, I don't know of any that are perfect, the internals look good and the bore looks as good as new, so I would say low round count.  The barrel length on this one is 18.5", standard is 24" as shown on the top one for OAL reference.  I have had this one for several years now and have not done anything with it and it's been years since I've taken out the top one, so decided to let bottom one go.  They are both TGI Knox TN rifles as they had the best reviews when I was looking into them and probably still do.  Regardless of what anyone tells you, unless they got a lemon, these rifles can be tack drivers, yes, even with the std. 24" barrel, if they are quality rifles.  On the top one for example, I've achieved 1/2" groups with military surplus ammo without "letting the barrel cool between shots".  My groups would have been more consistant had I finished it off with a nice cheek riser of some sort, but never did.  The one for sale already has the AK Tapco G2 trigger just like the other, but I'm sure there are even better trigger options available now, if wanted.  I would also recommend either a replacement stock or do what I did to the top one and use a Dremel tool to reshape it, the wood is very hard and durable.  This way you can modify it to your liking, especially getting your finger on the trigger more comfortably, which is still a problem with the aftermarket stocks I've seen.  Also, I would put the buttstock extension on it as it's a bit short as it comes stock.  Depending on what type of mount you use for an optic, you may or may not need a cheek riser, the mount on the top one is a bit too high, but it's all I could find at that time that was affordable.  I also have different military surplus steel core ammo tins I may sell as well, depending.

$1,480 firm in cash.  

Not really looking for trades, but would take a nice PAP M92 AK pistol, folding brace and $950 cash.  Maybe another 1911 + cash or Sig P938.  On the P938, one of the laser combos that sells for $550 new would get preference, would need $1,000 cash with it.  Just let me know the details.  May listen to other deals, but not looking for anything else.

Thanks for looking and must be leagally able to own a firearm in TX!