For sale is my SVT 40. I currently have gas settings on this rifle set for Wolf 148 grain, and this rifle has functioned very well for me. The rifling is also very sharp, and the firearm was cleaned after every time it was taken to the range. 

If you think that my rifle is to expensive than please go to Gun Broker, there you will find SVT-40’s for about $1800 which you can pay to have shipped to a store, and then you can pay the stores fee to hold the firearm and tax on the rifle. I know this because that is what I had to go through to get it.

Serious inquiries only. I would be interested in doing a partial trade for an AR-15, a pistol (especially a glock or one chambered in 7.62X25) and/or a build kit for a Sten, Ak-47 or a PPSH variant.

* I can include a spam can and some loose 7.62x54r for another $160.