I acquired this rifle not too long ago and it's a great firearm. Has brass butt plate, Royal Air Force rifle sling which is navy blue and new. A bayonet and frog. Will come with ammo and stripper clips. About 50 rounds of ammo. I do have a reloading kit with it also plus all the brass I have.  This is a 1942 Savage Lee Enfield with US property stamps and the Large S on it. This price is more then fair for everything you are getting so lowballs will not be replied too. No shipping.  Have ammo,clips along with a full reloading kit of dies and brass to add. Really neeed to get a SASS approved lever action in pistol cal. Or a single action wheel gun. Anything 7.62x25 if it adds up to the trade value. Webley or break tops. OR CASH. Will also do part cash part trade.