For sale is a used, surplus, Czech CZ-82 pistol, chambered in 9x18 Makarov. The pistol was hand picked at AIM Surplus and is in exceptional condition. Typical Czech high quality steel construction. Includes FIVE 12 round magazines, cocked and locked style safety and a super accurate polygonal rifled barrel. I've only fired it once, putting maybe 100 rounds down range. It is in excellent mechanical condition with slight finish wear as is typical for mil-surp guns.

In addition to the pistol, this listing includes:
   FIVE 12 round magazines
   An original tan ambidextrous leather holster
   A black leather magazine holster stamped with "Czech Republic Police"
   Original cleaning rod

If this posting is still visible, the gun is still for sale. Please don't ask.

Contact me by replying to this posting, or by emailing me at

Leave me your name and phone number and a good time to call and I'll call to arrange a meeting time and answer any questions.

You must...
  ... be 21+ years old and legally able to own a firearm.
  ... be willing to show me a valid OH ID.
  ... be willing to sign a bill of sale (I'll give you a copy).
  ... be willing to meet in the parking lot of Shoot Point Blank, 8820 Kingsridge Dr., Centerville, during daylight hours.