Excellent condition M95/30 Steyr carbine.
8x56r cambered, bluing and metal are excellent 
bore is very good.. 
and a beautiful blonde stock!! won't find many this nice

Comes with correct bayonet (hard to find)
and 25rnds or so ammo.

$500 or trade (WITH BAYONET & AMMO) $400 JUST RIFLE)

will trade for unique semi auto rifles
other interesting milsurps
multi sks
7.62 variants
5.45 variants
5.56 variants (no AR15 patterns)
other interests listed.. 

trades mostly.
Swiss 1889 vetterli 1896/11 1911 G11 K11
Lebel french German Mauser Steyr Kropatchek yugo
1880s rifles 1900s ww1 ww2 C&R antique Austria Romanian Hungarian Russian Czech British Belgian ect ect