This M1 Garand was sitting in the back of my grandpa's safe for years. Several M1 Garands were Greek issued and sent back to the United States. They then sat for several years in shipping containers and the Civilian Marksmanship Program bought them all up. It was sold by CMP as a collector grade and was never issued, never fired- still in cosmoline. This M1 Garand is an H&R still has the cosmoline and the tag from CMP around the barrel. There is a small patch of surface rust on the buttstock plate. It comes with 2 ammo cartridges/ammo clips and an owners manual for CMP. Occasionally the CMP web sight will auction off an unfired M1 Garand just like this one and they usually go for $3000-3500.  If this doesn't sell, then I will clean out the cosmoline and be the first to fire this beautiful M1. I'm asking $2500 or best reasonable offer, may consider trade with cash. If it doesn't ping, then it's not worth a damn thing, M1 Garand.