Finnish SY M28. Early Tikka contract, if I’m not mistaken. More pictures on request. 

Feel free to ask for details. M28s are somewhat rare, with Finnish arsenal sources indicating 16,200 m28s in inventory in the 1950’s. In similar build to the Finnish Army M27, this Civil Guard variant will round out your collection. It was still packed with cosmoline when Ford aquired and had grass seed in the stock inletting for trigger area - clearly had been used at some point. 

The stock is spliced together with a Austrian capture stamped 1899 dated rear stock and a Finnish forend with nice tigerstriping. The barrel band gouged the stock and created a remarkable scratch. 
The nosecap screw is stripped, and fitted firm with a broken toothpick. 
The receiver is stamped with Chatellelerault markings but lacks a definitive date on the tang. Known Chattellerault production is pre-1899. 
The barrel is stamped with “D”, “SY”, and “T” in a triangle. These indicate chamber modification for D166 heavy ball ammo, Civil Guard ownership, and the barrel manufacturer. The barrel is stamped 12975 for its assembly number but the serial number indictated an early rifle for the later barrel contract. The civil guard region code indicates Lounais Häme. It is not stamped with “[SA]”.,

May be able to FFL if requested
Bubbas need not inquire.