Can send pictures upon request - I have a very good condition M44. Struck in 1944 at the Izhevsk Arms Plant in Russia. Beautiful red laminate post-war stock, side folding bayonet, all the goodies. Can send more pictures on request - I’ll post one here when I get done with school today. Can write it out of my book and into yours for C&R. 

Feel like Vasili Zietzev as you stun your friends on the range line with the historic M44 muzzle fireball.

Drive the fascists back from the motherland as you play soldier in your mother’s basement and send the bayonet into the drywall. 

Pretend to be a historian as you pour over the multitude of unknown stampings on your new M44. 

Shipping....ehh...if you want to pay for me to ship a $375 Mosin then sure I guess....? Will need C&R FFL or it’s going to your local dealer. 

Cycles smooth, no issues ever (obviously it’s a Mosin), good bore - I only shoot non-corrosive ammo. 

C&R - Curio and Relic

Trades - eotech (let me know what model) or anything else old/Interesting.