Up For Sale or Trade is a CMP Service Grade 1942 M1 Garand, I have only fired 40 rounds through it.

- The Muzzle gauges at a 1 and the Throat gauges at a 2, the Barrel was manufactured in 1943, the Receiver dates at 1942. All Parts are Springfield

- The Trigger Housing, Trigger Guard and front sight have been Reparkerized with Manganese Phosphate 

- The Gas Cylinder, Stacking Swivel, and locking lug, have been Professionally refinished with a Flat Black Duracoat.

- All of the Stock Metal has been Replaced with Period Correct Manganese Phosphate stock Metal from Fulton Armory.

-The actual stock is Walnut, which has only been cleaned, not refinished. It has the SA Cartouche on the Stock, with the P-Proof Mark underneath the pistol grip.

- Has a new OD Green Web Sling, and the cleaning kit in the stock

- I also installed a ported gas plug to allow it to shoot modern production ammo

- It will come in a CMP hard case, 500 rounds of New Production Ammo FMJ and Soft Points, in a Brand New 50 Cal Ammo Can (Which can be shot due to the Installtion of the Ported Gas Plug)  All Ammo is 150 Grain New Production and safe to shoot, I will also include 100 rounds of 168 grain Gold Medal Match Ammo, also 100% safe to shoot, so 600 total rounds

-Will also come with 10 enbloc clips, and a newer production Boyd’s Stock.

looking for $1000 Cash FIRM $1500 trade Value

I also have an additional 1000 rounds of M1 Garand Specific Ammo in 2 - 50 Cal Ammo Cans, All New Production, that I could include for an Extra $500

Must be willing to meet at the Elk River Walmart, and have an up to date Carry Permit or Permit to Purchase and Must be willing to sign a bill of sale/trade.

I have more pictures upon request