Get a fedora, a bullwhip, and some sweaty, pasty-faced Gestapo guys, and here's the only thing else Indiana Jones needs.  This is a Model 22-4 in caliber .45 ACP via moon clips or with .45 Auto Rim.  Manufactured in the 2000s, it's a reasonable facsimile of the iconic Model 1917 of World War One.  Yes, it has a lawyer lock, and yes, it has a frame mounted firing pin, but it's a fine shooter with 5.5" tapered barrel.  It's a six shooter with those moons; if you buy this gun I'll send you a generous supply of clips so you can get started shooting right away.  High capacity moon clips are banned in all 57 states, so no luck there.  Shipping via FedEx to your FFL is $50; Postal Money Orders only, both for your protection and for mine.  Serial number is DBA97xx.  I will do my best to ship within 48 hours of receipt of funds.  That's another thing about Postal Money Orders:  I don't wait for them to clear.  Comes with box and all paperwork.