From my personal collection. This beautiful revolver was both a piece of history and an efficient weapon. It requires moon clips for the 45 ACP. It would be a meaningful addition to any collection and a great conversation piece.

This is the information I recieved from the previous owner many years ago.

Colt Model 1917 US Army Revolver .45 ACP. Serial # 1817xx, shows made in 1919. This is a super tight and nice WWI US double action Army Model 1917 the first time, that a Colt collector see’s this gun, it will take their breath away. Chambered for .45 acp (uses full and ½ moon clips). The pistol is correctly marked “UNITED STATES PROPERTY” on the bottom of the barrel and “US Army Model 1917 “ on the butt. The butt also retains the original lanyard loop. The pistol has a brushed blued finish, which is correct for a original 1917, a 5 ½” barrel, and the correct un-marked wooden grips, with the serial number penciled on the back of them, but they do have a few very small handling marks. The pistol has no holster wear, almost no wear for a military gun, it must have set in the gun vault, all of its life. It does appear that it has NEVER been back to arsenal for a re-do, as the Rampant Colt and the military inspector’s markings are very sharp and I don't see a buggered screw anywhere on this gun. We rate the current finish at 97+%, does have a bit of blue turning to patina on the grip frame. The original grips are in really nice condition with only minor wear and marks as described above, rated at 95%. The bore is shiny with strong rifling and a small amount of pitting or frosting. This is a good representative example of a WWI Colt Model 1917, and it will fill a nice spot in your collection and everybody that see's this gun, will wonder how it survived for 93 years. We don’t have a holster but do have 6 half moon clips. This gun came out of the 84 year old Gunsmith’s estate, please check out the other great guns I have on Gunbroker. . I have a few more high resolution pictures available, just email me at ( or if you would like any pictures of other area’s, just email me.

Found some new information about the previous owner today. This revolver belonged to a CAPT Earl Wood U.S. Army Joined in 1919 and got to Acting Major before retiring sometime in the late 1920's. Born 1889 and passed in 1951.