Springfield Armory M1 Garand 30-06 Springfield this is one of the cleanest Garands I have come across.It was built in 1965 on an unused Garand receiver manufactured in 1943.The finish on the receiver is light green and appears to be original. All other parts on the rifle have either a similar light green finish or a dark green phosphate finish. Wear spots are minimal, and there is no rust or pitting.The barrel, gas block, and piston end of the op rod are the only parts that show the rifle has been fired a few times. Barrel is shiny, the lands and grooves are sharp, there is no pitting, and the crown is virgin.The stock and handguards are made from exceptionally nice walnut, are close to immaculate, and have a boiled linseed finish. The rifle fits together tight and the trigger guard locks it down solid.Bore is bright with strong rifling and an excellent shooter. It’s accurate and reliable. If you are looking for a Garand but also want to be able to shoot it as often as you want without worrying about wearing out a piece of history, then this is the rifle for you.. Willing to ship to an FFL upon payment.