I am thinning the heard, $300 dollars, here out of my collection is a 1954 beretta m4 aka minx four inch barrel.It is a tip up barrel pistol,the bore is supriseingly bright and shinny, it has a great crisp clean action,no rust.great firing pin ,mainspring and tip up mechanism, all is perfect as if someone had not shot it much, it has no safety ,only a half cock feature to move the firing pin back abit.trigger is rock solid,will not budge on half cock feature.its capacity is 7+1.the magazine is dead mint,i had to hammer my 76 year old buddy out of an original all steel beretta .22corto magazine from his collection for a cnote.this pistol is a blast to shoot darn accurate and performs like a beretta should ! no joke ! i have put a box of 50 through er already.the only issue is the blueing has rubbed off the gips backstrap and grip.it had original wooden grips"cracked" so i put plastic ones on.this is the notorious mid 50's hitman beretta. trades welcome also