For sale is a Japanese Type 38 rifle and bayonet with scabbard. Caliber is 6.5mm Japanese. The rifle was built at the Koishikawa Arsenal (Tokyo). The serial number puts production in the early 1930’s. A good friend that is an avid Japanese collector, told me that this rifle was put together by production/drawing numbers and not serial numbers. The bolt and dust cover have the same digits. The dust cover is nice and original. The sling is nice and original with the Japanese owner’s initials. Still very pliable and in great condition. The bore and rifling have some pitting, but lots of rifling remains and should make for a decent shooter (a lot of the old crud comes out of these when they are fired a few times). The mum is not ground off. All numbers and characters are clear and readable. The bayonet is made by National Denki (National Electric), and is very nice condition, as is the scabbard. If you are looking for an early Japanese set up, this is a complete (minus cleaning rod, which are available online for $50-$65 for an original) set up and looks very nice! Small import mark.

$550.00 plus actual shipping or 6% VT sales tax in Vermont ONLY.  I do NOT charge over my cost to ship!  Email  me at REDACTED or call Shawn at REDACTED. I take USPS money orders, discreet Paypal gift, or credit cards plus 3.5% of the total. I am an 01 FFL. I WILL sell to California. I am all set up to do so. Please go to my website, , and scroll all the way down to learn the actual California C&R FFL laws.