For sale is an Egyptian FN-49 Belgian made rifle in caliber 8mm. This is one of the Century imports from the 1980’s. These were very nice looking rifles. The markings are all very good. Functions as it should. Bore and rifling are very nice and should be even better after a few shots. As everyone knows, the Egyptian 8mm barrels are sually sewer pipes. This one is nice!  There is either a small stable crack (owner said it was there since new). UPDATE: I took the rifle out of the stock and the crack DOES go through. It is stable and I put industrial super glue in it and along the back. It will never move! A $1,200 package on Gunbroker, here for $950!
Either way, it is in the grain of the stock and will not travel any farther. Brass buttplate. Comes with an original FN-49 cruciform type bayonet and scabbard.  Beautiful rile.

$950.00 plus actual shipping or 6% VT sales tax in Vermont ONLY.  I do NOT charge over my cost to ship!  Email  me at REDACTED or call Shawn at REDACTED. I take USPS money orders, discreet Paypal gift, or credit cards plus 3.5% of the total. I am an 01 FFL. I WILL sell to California. I am all set up to do so. Please go to my website, , and scroll all the way down to learn the actual California C&R FFL laws.