For sale is a Saginaw S.G. M1 Carbine. Late Spring/Early Summer 1943 production. This is a NO-IMPORT marked CMP Carbine from a release or auction in 2016. I have the paperwork (no certificate, but a letter from the CMP stating it is a Service Grade and when it was sold by them). There is a sticker on the left side of the stock that rears “UNSER HEER” which means “OUR ARMY”. It has a date of 2008. The hand guard was previously painted a white. Maybe a ceremonial or Guard carbine? Another paper under that with writing that I don’t know what it translates to (anybody know?). Nice collectable shooter with some great history. These were left behind after WW2, so you know it was a WW2 used weapon. The trigger housing has the location code on it where it was used. Below is a link to a web page that tells the history of these particular carbines:


RECEIVER- Ser# 3325289.  Marked SG on side as well. Wide tang. Small S.G. Dates to around May/June 1943.

STOCK-  Type 3. Wartime replacement. Marked in sling well with a J. Small crossed cannons Ordnance wheel on right side. Little crack near the trigger well. Stable and should not spread.

HAND GUARD- Type 3. I can’t see any marks. Little crack on each side in the front. Stable and should not spread.

RECOIL PLATE- Type 2. Saginaw S.G. Unmarked.

BUTT PLATE- Saginaw S.G.

BARREL- Marlin. Undated. Muzzle gauges 0.9. Bore and rifling are excellent. (VERY hard to get a photograph of a carbine bore!)

BOLT- Type 3. IBM. Marked AOB

FIRING PIN- Type 1. IBM. Marked BE-B

EXTRACTOR- Type 3. Marked W-B

TRIGGER HOUSING- Type 5. Inland. With oil hole and vertical logo.

HAMMER- Type 3. Post War. Marked WA. Post War replacement.

TRIGGER- Type 2. Winchester. Marked W.

SAFETY- Type 4 flip.

SEAR- Type 2. Not marked

Magazine Catch- Type 3. Winchester . Marked M on face and W.

Type SLIDE- Type 4. National Postal meter. Marked N15.

REAR SIGHT- Type 3. I.R. Co. and marked just like that.

FRONT SIGHT- Type 1. Milled. Early Inland, Saginaw S.G., Winchester, Underwood, Rock-Ola, and Quality Hardware all used it.  Not marked.

BARREL BAND- Type 3. Post War rebuild part. Marked MMQ on band and EM-Q on lug.

SLING- Post War marked MRT 1961.

OILER- Correct IS

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