This is a Chinese factory 26 SKS but with all Russian style parts. The serial number is a "M" with 4 digits after. It has a Russian stock and a blade bayonett.
My research says that only the first 2000 rifles were true Sino/Soviet and the rest that used Russian parts were called Ghost Guns. Either way this is a well built rifle.

Other than the stock only the magazine is not matching.

I had detailed stripped the gun and cleaned all the cosmoline out. I even baked and stripped the cosmoline out of the wood stock. I used several coats of boiled linseed oil as the finish and topped it off with bees wax. It really brought out the beauty in the wood.

If you see the ad then it is available. I close the ad right away after making the deal.

Will Not Ship

No Trades, I'm only selling the pay off bills.