For sale or trade is my Romanian M53 carbine, in 7.62x54R. This rifle is an uncommon Romanian clone of the late pattern soviet M44 Mosin Nagant Carbine. While Soviet examples were produced by the millions, only 70,000 Romanian rifles were made, making them significantly more desirable on the US collector’s market. Romanian M44s are rare in any condition.

This particular rifle is in surplus Good condition. It was manufactured in 1954, and like many Romanian rifles, no parts appear to match. The stock is rock solid. The metal has very good bluing, and is mechanically excellent. There is no sign of corrosion. The bore is fair-good, with normal wear from military use. This rifle does NOT include a cleaning rod.

I have test fired this rifle, and found it to be 100% functional. It feeds flawlessly, and meets expectations for M44 accuracy. It outshoots some of my M44s with pristine bores.

The only reason I am selling this rifle is because I went a bit crazy on buying too many M44s, and now I am unloading a few. I love the rifles, but I have other interests.

*Colorado Law Disclaimer*

Because this rifle was manufactured in 1953, it holds Curio and Relic status. As such, Colorado Law allows for it to be privately transferred between law abiding adult residents without paperwork or third-party involvement. As such, the buyer of this rifle will not be subject to any taxes or fees beyond the agreed price. I reserve the right to refuse sale to any individual who is unwilling to provide proof of age, residency, and/or non-prohibited status. See C.R.S. 18-12-112 section 6(a).